Vampires Of London – Real Evidence! | Highgate Vampire | The Conspiracy Show | S1E12

Vampires – Could vampires be real? A well-known U.S. paranormal investigator and folklorist in New York City recounts the legend and evolution of the vampire throughout history and from culture to culture. A self-proclaimed vampire slayer in England describes his encounters with what he describes as ‘demonically re-animated corpses.’ He also reveals his involvement London’s infamous Highgate Vampire case in the late 1960s.
Stars: Richard Syrett, Jim Marrs, Richard Dolan, Richard Crouse, Nelson Thall, Michael Shermer
Michael Shermer, Stanton Friedman
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The Great “Others” Debate

The others have been called good and evil, but which is true?

Dancing with the Stars Season 3, Episode 6

With only five couples remaining, we are fast approaching the last stretch of the competition. Aside from Jerry who clearly stands out as the anomaly, the other four couples deserve their placing at this stage of the competition. It will become increasingly difficult to pick out the top three as they each present their own strengths and weaknesses on the dance floor.

Shameless Self Promotion

Did you know that in order to be someone in movie/tvland, you will need to be the master of shameless self promotion? Being a past alumni of the entertainment industry, I have put together a list of ways to shamelessly promote yourself in order to get noticed in the acting industry. Even with little or no background at all!

Thank You for Smoking – Review of a Dark Comedy

Thank You for Smoking takes a humorous look at the men and women who lobby us to smoke more, drink more, and buy more guns. While it’s not for everyone, there are many who may enjoy the dark and irreverent humor. Read this review to see why.

Care Bears: The Beginning

Following the success of the Strawberry Shortcake product line they had designed, in 1981 American Greetings Card Company released a new series that starred the Care Bears. The Care Bears began as a series of greeting cards that had been drawn by children’s illustrator Elena Kucharik. Two years later, after the greeting card series was in full swing, Kenner released the Care Bear Teddy Bear line.

Winnie the Pooh Character Products

Winnie the Pooh is popular with children of all ages and there are a huge variety of products available that feature all of the characters, such as DVDs, books, videos, toys, games, clothes, beds, bedding, baby products and other accessories.

Five Recommended Movies for Halloween Night

Halloween brings out the children in us all. Pick up these recommended movies and watch them with your kids on Halloween. Get that popcorn popping, grab a blanket, sit back and enjoy!

Grandmas Boy Packed With Laughs

When it comes to comedic movies, one can’t help but feel that there is something lacking as of late. Many films due their best to appease as many different forms of audience as possible, adding romantic situations to draw in female moviegoers while spattering laughs through to keep the attention of the guys watching the movie.

Top Movie Picks for Halloween

Pop some popcorn and settle back for some spooky flicks. Read on for some recommendations for spooky flicks to experience … not alone, of course!

Jon Jost, Independent Film-maker – Slow Moves

Jon Jost’s film ‘Slow Moves’ (1983) tells its story through the juxtaposition of a variety of narrative techniques. Along with the action, dialogue, and mise-en-scene, we have a verbal commentary from the actors, both in and out of character, and from Jost a musical commentary in the form of Jost’s song lyrics, and a visual commentary in the photography and editing. What emerges is a film which, while offering multiple points of view, sustains a carefully controlled narrative from beginning to end.

Jon Jost, Independent Film-maker – 13 Fragments and 3 Narratives from Life

The subject of ’13 Fragments and 3 Narratives from Life’ is a girl called Katya; not an actress playing a part, but an ordinary girl who has collaborated with Jost in making a film about herself. The film employs the form and techniques of a documentary, but what emerges is a three-way dialogue between Jost, Katya, and ourselves in which it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish fact from bias.

Jon Jost, Independent Film-maker – Chameleon

Terry of ‘Chameleon’ (1978) is a character who seems to have lost touch with normal human feeling, and whose life is devoid of love, happiness, or purpose. But, being more intelligent than Tom, and having a capacity for self-examination, Terry is a more complex character. While Tom was just beginning to find his place in society, Terry is already established in his, he is a dealer in drugs and art (more or less the same thing in Jost’s view), and as such is an exploiter as well as a victim of society’s dehumanising currents.

Jon Jost, Independent Film-maker – Introduction

Jon Jost, director of ‘Sure Fire’ (2002) and ‘All the Vermeers in New York’ (2002), began making films in the early 1960s. His films, which he made independently and on low budgets, demonstrate a creative imagination and seriousness of purpose which have earned him an important place in the history of American independent cinema. This series of articles explores the films he made in his first 20 years of film-making.

Jon Jost, Independent Film-maker – 1, 2, 3, Four

Jon Jost’s ‘1, 2, 3, Four’ (1969-70) is another early short from which elements, both thematic and formal, can be traced into the features. It is an essay on political and social problems, constructed as a montage of images, dialogue, printed texts, readings, and action. The arrangement of these elements creates a dialectical process in which points of view are played off against one another both within each scene, and in the juxtaposition of scenes.

Jon Jost, Independent Film-maker – Conclusion and Filmography

‘Slow Moves’ is an anti-love story love story, ‘Stagefright’ is an anti-theatre theatrical piece, ‘Chameleon’ is an anti-art art-movie, ‘Angel City’ is an anti-detective story detective story, and ‘Speaking Directly’ is an anti-feature-film feature-film. It may appear that Jost, and he has been accused of this, is an anti-film film-maker. Jean Luc Godard has come to Jost’s defence on this point, saying: “He is not against the movies, he makes them move,” the point being that it is only the conventions Jost is attacking, not cinema itself, his aim being not to destroy, but to re-invent.

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