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The Picco Incident | Web Series | NOW on Sci-Fi Central

Live TV For PC

Get over 6000 live TV channels now because the bigger percent of the worlds population today is constantly searching for information concerning the fast changing economy, politics, health and much more, all of which have become very important to our day to day life for normal survival and this being the reason why people are always buying newspapers listening to radios and watching television in order to stay updated on the latest happenings around them and the world as a whole. Most people prefer TV over radio and newspapers simply because TV transmits both picture and …

Hancock is Pleasantly Surprising As Well As a Misfit Superhero

Will Smith’s latest role as a super hero did not seem so enticing from the trailers, but as Hollywood producers tend to do, the trailer was somewhat misleading and Peter Berg’s latest film, Hancock , was more entertaining and involved than first perceived. True to most Hollywood releases these days, Hancock is filled with high budget special effects and quality production and at least descent acting. Most of the characters presented an acceptable performance for their role, but I should give an extra hats off to both Will Smith and Jae Head for their convincing persona development …

Pixar Can Do No Wrong – Wall-E Review

It almost seems that Disney Pixar can’t do anything wrong these days, and here they have created yet another wonderful film that is on par with the Incredibles. The film combines sadness with jubilation and triumph and will have you getting emotionally attached to the protagonist – yeah I know, it’s a robot! Whilst predominantly aimed at the younger audience (to which this film will be exceptionally received, I’m certain of that) the film has something for everyone and really should be seen, if not for the storyline, but for the wonderful skilled animation.

The Pick Up Artist, Season 1

Anyone who’s heard of Neil Strauss’s bestselling book, The Game, will be aware of the term PUA, which stands for Pick Up Artist, and a shadowy group of individuals who have formed a ‘pua community’ in order to work out the best methods to seducing women. These methods are about to become public for the first time, and will be able to be witnessed on VH1’s latest reality show, The Pick Up Artist.

“Forrest Gump” Teaches Many Lessons, and Tom Hanks Earns Best Actor Oscar

Everything that happens in “Forrest Gump” is worth seeing, and much of what happens through its central character Forrest Gump teaches us important lessons in life. This is a love story, a story of relationships and the story of one person in a very big world that is sometimes almost impossible to understand. Forrest Gump won 6 Oscars and another 7 Oscar nominations and remains one of the most successful films ever made. Find out why.

The Dynamic Duos of Contemporary Cinema

Actor-director teams have been around for quite some time, yielding some of cinema’s finest : Kazan and Brando with On the Waterfront, Wilder and Lemmon with Some Like It Hot, Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder with Blazing Saddles. Here’s a look at today’s dynamic duos in the world of cinema.

Endorse Your Favorite Movies With Free Smileys – Here’s How

Contrary to what most people believed, promoting free smileys on the internet is tough job; in fact, it’s Herculean task. These cute animated free smileys may be popular, but from the point of view of an internet marketer, this popularity is in itself the core of the marketing challenge. Try searching the more popular search engine for “free smileys” and your eyes would pop on 635,000 search engine results.

Who is Forrest Gump?

Forrest Gump. One of the most inspirational film characters of all time. Forrest symbolizes the way we wish to deal with the problems we face throughout the course of our lives, and how we would go about solving them if the Universe was on our side. In order to get the Universe on his side; Forrest had 3 essential qualities to separate himself from others: honesty, integrity, and compassion. If you have these 3 qualities along with acceptance as Forrest did, life will seem to work out for the best. Then, true happiness can be experienced.

Toxic Crusaders – Cartoon & Toy Line Inspired by Troma’s Toxic Avenger

The Toxic Avenger became a legendary figure in the world of cult horror movies back in the 80’s, but did you know that it inspired both a cartoon series and a toy line, as well? Though the series didn’t last long, Troma’s star character earned a place in the hearts of kids by offering up a quirky, memorable world in which to imagine!

Stunt Driving Tips – Stunt Drivers Get Zen With Their Car

As Stunt Drivers, we need to be able to feel what the car is trying to tell us at a very high level. Learn how you can tap into that state of complete harmony with your car. Where everything is in total control, and there are no surprises, no matter how fast you are going.

Stunt Driving Tips – Stunt Driving Defined

Inside stories from the sets of movies and car commercials from a professional stunt driver. It’s not all about crashing cars at high speed!

Stunt Driving Tips – Car Stunt – Driving the Classic Reverse 180

The reverse 180 is the classic car stunt. It is also one of the most fun slides to do. Stunt performers have always learned how to do this ‘car stunt’ for the sole reason that it has and probably always will look and feel really cool.

Stunt Driving Tips – Stunt Driving Story – A Typical Night on Set Begins

What’s it like for a stunt driver to arrive on set for a night of filming. How does he get ready to slide a car all night long? This a short story of how one performer does it…

Who Else Wants to Save Hundreds of Dollars, and Still Watch All of Their Favorite Movies!

Do you love to watch the latest movies when they get released? But, do you also hate paying the high prices to see a movie in the theater! With the economy continuing to squeeze everybody’s budget. How do you go about working this into your entertainment budget? What other options are available?

Reminding Myself Why I Don’t Watch Television (a Season of Seinfeld)

Several weeks ago, someone related by blood urged upon myself a DVD box set of episodes of a defunct TV sitcom called Seinfeld. I had never seen the show and knew nothing about it. But the author is nothing if not open-minded, so I loaded up my DVD player and sat back in my recliner. A couple of weeks later, I had gotten through the four DVDs that contained the seventh season of Seinfeld. It seems that these were originally aired around 1996.

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