The Veteran | Full Vietnam War Drama Movie

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Thirty years after the fall of Saigon, politician Ray Watson returns to Vietnam to lay his demons to rest, but he is confronted by a POW he left behind who forces him to relive the day of their capture.

Stars: Ally Sheedy, Bobby Hosea, Michael Ironside

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Jekyll – Mr Hyde Takes a Bite Out of Tom Jackman

BBC television mini-series, Jekyll, is a smart updating and/or sequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s tale, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Set in the present day, James Nesbitt plays Dr. Tom Jackman. Recently, Tom Jackman has found himself having to battle with his alter ego, Mr Hyde, but there is a lot more than a multiple or split personality at work here because when Mr Hyde comes on the scene, the body that he and Dr Jackman share changes physically. And as the ladies would say, Mr Hyde is one sexy man. He’s also a dangerous man.

The Most Quotable Movies

Movies, we love to love them. They offer us an outlet to laugh, to cry, to hope and to dream. They also offer us a chance to quote. Some movies have us at hello with one or two great lines, while others have so many great remarks, we don’t even know how to pick out the best. The following is our list of most quotable films, movies filled with golden lines that quickly turn us into copycats.

Soap Operas – Why We Love Them and We Hate Them

When I was growing up, my sister was a huge Days of Our Lives fan, a fact that did not get past me without mockery. While she watched her soap opera, I made fun of her: I uttered snide comments as she talked about the show’s greatness, I hid the Soap Opera Digests she purchased at the grocery store, and I rolled my eyes whenever she rushed home from school to turn on DOOL, thus keeping me from watching a much more realistic show (Duck Tales) in the process. As much fun as I made of her, the tables were turned when I began watching Days of Our Lives in high school. Turns out, I kind of like it too. The vacuum of television series, it had a way of just sucking me in.

300 – Become a Spartan

In honor of the 300

Movies in Delhi are the Best Form of Entertainment

When you enter a movie theatre, you are all prepared to suspend all logic and enter a realm of fantasy. The hero always emerges victorious at the end of a moral battle waged against the villains. Add to the story the thrill, suspense, drama and of course melodious and feet tapping songs and you have the entire package of a complete entertainer.

How To Become A Part-Time Movie Start

Without quitting your 9 to 6 job, I would show you how in only few hours you could be on your way to becoming a part-time movie start.

Harry Potter Movies

I love movies, all movies. The only television I watch is usually a movie, with the exception of the Sopranos (what about that last episode huh!?) or possibly MindFreak, with the creepy but cute, Chris Angel.

Only a Dog Lover Could Really Love “Best in Show” – A Mockumentary

Director Christopher Guest teamed with Eugene Levy as writers for “Best in Show” that looks at the funnier side of the legendary Westminster Kennel Club’s annual competition, otherwise known as a prestigious dog show. Premiere voted the result as one of “The 50 Greatest Comedies of All Time” in 2006. Best in Show is referred to as a “mockumentary”. One might call Best in Show a parody of a documentary with humor as the centerpiece. It is good for some laughs.

Put Movies On PSP

Learn how to put movies on to your psp by looking at this article. Most movies will be free of charge as well.

Nothing To Watch On Television

Everyone loves television and it entertains us tremendously. Find out the reason why people continue to say there is nothing to watch on TV.

The Top 5 War Movies Of All Time

Over the past few decades, a number of amazing war movies have hit the theaters. Although there are many war movies that have done an excellent job of portraying the conflict and the reality of the situation at hand, there are five that rank at the top of the list.

Homer Simpson Sure Knows His Marketing

If there’s one thing Homer Simpson knows, (let’s face it, he doesn’t know much!), then it’s how to promote a movie. Two great examples, one offline, and one online have done a great job…

2007 – The Summer Of The Third Film?

Summer of 2007, and Hollywood seems to be mesmerized by the number 3 – they seem to be adding it to the end of all the films… After all there’s Shrek 3, Spiderman 3, Jason Bourne 3, Die Hard 4, Rocky 5!

Bob Hope TV Shows Timeless Classics

Bob Hope is a classic television icon for multiple generations. His timeless comedy and endearing character make him one of the best comics of our time. This article reviews Bob Hope’s life and career on both television and in movies.

Harry Potter and Its Audience

Why Harry Potter the movie became one of the most fascinating movies? While we all know that the movie is full of visual effects created with the aid of the advance technology, the effects to the movie goers seems to be overwhelming and it does tickle most of the crowd.

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