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The Picco Incident – On July 14, 2012, something crashed on the Picco family’s farm. Jack Picco’s camera was running. This is what he captured.
2022. Stars: Gillian Abbott, Scott Walker, Brendan Nasr
Written and Directed by Ben Mazzotta and Maria Kennedy
Production company: Little Engine Moving Pictures

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Doctor Who Breaks Science Fiction World Record

Doctor Who is now the longest running science fiction show that has been on television. The series commenced on 23 November, 1963. The Stargate SG-1 series holds the record for the world’s longest running consecutive science fiction show.

The Truth Behind Teeth’s Vagina Dentata Mythology

It’s a firmly held belief that many of our mythological stories are based on some degree of truth, be it Arthurian legend or more recent American folktales like Johnny Appleseed or John Henry. These larger than life tales evolve from small grains of truth. Similarly many of the monsters and mystical beasts from mythology spawn from out own inner demons and secret fears.

5 Absorbing Facts About Narutoverse

Have you ever been curious on what Naruto anime is? You could’ve heard of them from your friends or even from television, magazines, internet and other source of mass media. If you’re new to Naruto, here are 5 interesting facts that could help you appreciate Naruto.

Royalty Free Stock Footage – A New Reality in Video Production

In the past, producing a video meant producers had to hire an entire production team. The world of video production is a very different battlefield now.

20 Most Underrated Movies of the Past 15 Years

Find out what movies you have missed out on the past 15 years. I will give you a list of 20 must see films that have gone under-watched, under-appreciated, unnoticed, and underrated.

Watch Classic TV Online

Other internet users also use the web to watch classic TV online, although there is a lesser percentage of the total internet viewer, which belongs to the older age category [old adulthood], still some videos and TV shows that were once popular during their time can be viewed through the internet today. With programs installed in the computer such as flash players, this population can already view their favorite classic TV series anytime they want.

Online TV Guide

Online TV guides are a guide to everything there is about television. It includes TV show descriptions, episode listings with guides, photos or screenshots, short video clips, news, quick recaps, cast, the crew involved and credits, and even actual celebrity pictures.

TV Commercials Online

Television commercials online may have been impossible to even imagine a few decades ago, but now, everything is already set and running smoothly. Who could have even thought that this method of advertisement viewing was feasible back then? Today, it is remarkably a well established reality to view these media on the internet.

Watch TV Commercials Online – Part 2

Today, with just a type of a keyword then added with a single click, people get to access their favorite sites to watch television commercials online. During their personal time out, individuals log-in their computers and browse the World Wide Web for any relevant product promotions, which they can view in order to satisfy any want or need that they have in their current situation.

Watch TV Commercials Online

One can already start watching television commercials online nowadays. And the best thing is, it is actually free. No payments are required. You just need an active internet connection, obviously your computer and yourself, as well.

Celebrity Real Estate – Nicholas Cage

Buying and selling properties is a business decision and profit maker for many people. For celebrities, this business is more of a child hood style game. With more properties than he could ever live in, Nicholas Cage has chosen to unload another property to a Las Vegas business mogul.

How to Succeed in the Independent Film Making Business

New film about to be released which will have a powerful effect to lower the divorce rate. The film was produced by a 29 year old producer who got his start in film making, in Hollywood 8 years ago, by delivering “green paint” to movie sets. He has paid his dues, and has now worked on over 50 films in the entertainment industry. He is currently working on the new television series called “Swingtown” in Hollywood, California.

Ed McMahon in Foreclosure

Ed McMahon, Johnny Carson’s long-time television sidekick, and star in his own right, is the latest victim of the mortgage meltdown. $644,000 behind in his house payments, he is in imminent danger of losing his home. He appeared on the “Larry King Show” to bare his soul.

Why I Love Scooby Doo

Now that I have children, I am rediscovering Scooby Doo. Scooby Doo is still family-oriented that you can now share with my children.

Film Technology and Influence on the Documentary

The invention of the DV camera has had a massive influence on documentary. So too has the development of digital video editing, sound recording and post-production, and of course also digital tools for animation. All new aesthetic developments in documentary have followed on from technical breakthroughs. In the 1930s and 1940s, for example, some of the most compelling and beautiful documentaries were made, but they only really became possible after sound came to the movies.

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