The Picco Incident | Alien Invasion Web Series | WORLD PREMIERE | E2 | 2022

The Picco Incident | E2 – When a plane collides mid-flight and crashes close to the Picco farm, teenager Jack Picco has his video camera running and captures the fiery crash. With the Picco family on the verge of bankrupty, the accident forces parents Anne and Bruce to come together despite mounting differences. Sister Amy, tries to make sense of the disaster while struggling to voice her concerns due to a communicative disorder.
2022. Stars: Gillian Abbott, Brendan Nasr, Scott Walker, Alicia Micallef
Directed by Ben Mazzotta
Produced by Maria Kennedy and Ben Mazzotta
Production company: Little Engine Moving Pictures


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How to Select the Right Production Company When Shooting Overseas

The selection of the production company for a specific job or as a long-term partner is a very important task. A good production company is capable of delivering always a good product no matter who the director is and what the conditions of the project are. It is the administrator of the money of the client as well as the caretaker of the brand and of its values.

The Missing Fireman – How to Avoid Surprises When Shooting Overseas

When shooting overseas you never have to assume that things are going to work as they do back home. Doublecheck everything before the shoot.

MAD MEN is Easily the TV Drama of 2008

Matthew Weiner, who also wrote for my other most-favorite show The Sopranos, is a bona fide genius who deserves all the accolades for this bold social drama that lays open the inner works of a curious era in American history. I hope the 2nd season (which started in July 2008) will be as captivating and fascinating as the first one.

Ben 10 on the Cartoon Network

One of the top shows on Cartoon Network from 05′ to 08′. Ben 10 is a show that can appeal too a wide audience. It has action, adventure, science, and humor. Ben bonds his DNA with alien DNA but only for 10 minutes.

Is it Just Celebrity Gossip Or Truth?

So keep going online and look for your favorite star and the latest scandals, rumors or gossip. Some may be true and some may just be for our entertainment.

The Magic of Charlie Chaplin’s Movies

The article tells about the films of Charlie Chaplin and about his influence on films and on the public. Some of his best-known films are also discussed here.

Juno – A Different Version For Teens in Gloucester, MA

Is it just me or did watching the movie “Juno” worry any other responsible adult? I mean, the critics raved about it. The Los Angeles Times said, “‘Juno’ is hilarious and sweet-tempered, perceptive and surprisingly grounded.

When You Shoot a Commercial Overseas – Don’t Try to Reproduce the Methods You Use at Home

When you shoot overseas you cannot reproduce the systems, the processes, and the methods you use at home: you just have to understand how to make things happen in a different way. This doesn’t mean that you just sit, wait, and pray for the production to go smoothly. It means that you have to understand “the local” methods and try to make them work for you.

The Director’s Attitude is Key When Shooting Overseas

The personality and the attitude of the directors is a key factor when shooting abroad. Some directors can work only in their country and are incapable of shooting overseas. Directors have to become more culturally international.

Singh is Kinng

Movie buffs are waiting zealously for the release of probably the most unusual movie of this season-“Singh Is Kinng”. With Bollywood’s current most interesting on screen pair in the lead, Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif, this film might just have the knack to strike the right chords of its viewers keeping in mind their chemistry in last year’s Namastey London and Welcome. Akshay Kumar plays a nonchalant Punjabi puttar who is compassionate, generous, courageous and noble.

The Changing Theme of Hollywood Patriotic Films

This article is about one type of Hollywood films, namely the patriotic movies. Hollywood has produced several such movies from war movies to disaster movies.

“DodgeBall” Had a $20 Million Budget, Made $167 Million, and is Simply Terrible

Only in Hollywood could a really terrible film with Ben Stiller that cost $20 million to produce pull in $167 worldwide. Welcome to “DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story”, which Dreamworks and MGM passed on and Fox finally agreed to make when Stiller reduced his salary to less than a $1 million. After seeing the unrated version of this comedic disaster, it would be difficult to recommend DodgeBall for viewing by youngsters at any rating. Find out why.

New Bachna Ae Haseeno 2008 – Song Details

After all Ranbir Kapoor is Rishi Kapoor’s son. So, of course parallels will be drawn between the two. But Ranbir and his film-makers seem to be obsessed with exploiting the star son’s famous legacy.

Why Buy a Tivo DVR

I am writing this article from the view of someone who grew up without cable TV. We had 3 major networks and PBS plus a couple local UHF stations. In the late 1970’s we finally got cable added to our street, needless to say this was a pretty big deal.

Chace Crawford Gives Funny Dating Advice

Having looked dreamy at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, Chace Crawford donned a pair of sunnies and a low key outfit for a stroll around West Hollywood the next day.

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