The Defiled: We Are All Meat | Full Cult Sci-Fi Horror Movie

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The Defiled: We Are All Meat – In a post apocalyptic world, science and technology have backfired leaving unfathomable destruction and a permanently diseased planet in its wake. A virus is mutating the human race turning innocent survivors into mindless cannibals. In a savage future world devoid of hope, a man infected with the deadly viral disease must cope with the burden of a new born son, ensuring his survival. Though he is infected, he does not allow his growing desire for human flesh to overcome his responsibility to the newborn. Along the road, traveling from town to town, he saves an unaffected woman from a certain death by facing down her perpetrators. Ultimately she joins him on his odyssey, a journey through hell on earth in search of a safe haven in which they can perhaps start a life together, both becoming committed to doing whatever it takes to make sure the child survives. Reminiscent of the work of Lynch, Maddin and Tarkovsky, The Defiled is a black and white epic of unparalleled artistry examining life, death and the ultimate sacrifice of love. Not since Carnival of Souls and Night of the Living Dead has a film captured the surreal outer dimensions of the human condition.

Stars: Brian Shaw, Kathleen Lawlor, Alden Moore
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