Shaun Ryder On UFOs | S1E02 | Seeing Is Believing

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Shaun Ryder On UFOs | S1E02 – Shaun Ryder goes to the Atacama desert in Chile to look at a massive alien-like geoglyph known as the ‘Atacama Giant.’ He talks to a witness to the abduction of Chilean Corporal Armando Valdes and also talks to an investigator about a mysterious UFO related group called ‘the Friendship’ that may have cured a man’s cancer. He visits the ALMA observatory and talks to scientists about alien life and, then, goes to a well-known UFO hotbed at Lake Colburn .

Ex-Happy Mondays frontman, Shaun Ryder, was abducted by aliens when he was 15. In this series, he travels the world to meet others who have suffered the same fate.

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