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Iris, torn out of her idyllic digital world and uploaded into a stolen synthetic body by her grieving mother, must face her body’s objectification and violent potential in a dark future.

“Venus” by Andrew McGee

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“Venus” Credits:
Directed, Edited, & Co-Written by: Andrew McGee
Co-Written by: Tara Shehata
Produced by: Claudia Kaleta, Andrew McGee
Based on a concept by: Ben Sunnucks

IRIS – Margaret Clunie
IRIS (SIMULATED) – Phoebe French
NIA – Abigail Moore
DOLLEE – Claire Marlein
IZAK – Lee White
DINAH – Lucy Sheen
DOCTOR – Mario Murkl
CYNTECH CEO – Joseph K. Ziegler
CYBERNETIC MAN – Lucas Cairnsicus
COMPUTER (VOICE) – Laura Cornelius

Script Editor: Sam Tomlinson
Futurology Consultant: Tim Ocock

First Assistant Director: Irina Mugford
Line Producer: Geoffrey Mugford
Production Manager: Dario Bocchini

Director of Photography and Colourist: Miguel Cármenes
Gaffer: Daniele Tartacca
1st Assistant Camera: Samuel Ferguson
2nd Assistant Camera: Beau Wilkinson
Sparks: Andrea Buccelli, Luis Valverde
Rigging Spark & Grip: John McNally
Camera Trainee: Lucy McPhee

Continuity Supervisor: Tara Shehata
On Set Sound Operator: Will Fox
Production Designer: Jason Kelvin
Lead Make-Up Artist & Designer: Chiara Giannettino
Make-Up Assistant: Ella Wiltshire
Special Make-Up Effects Artist: Anna Cichon
Costume Designer: Natalia Glow
Stunt Coordinator: Hai Le
Visual Effects Supervisor: Adam Seeley
Runner & Driver: Mara Gravenieks, Tristan Davis
On Set Photographer: Alex Wilks
Alley Poster Designed & Illustrated by: Andrew Sztehlo
Ladybird Footage by: Jonathan Filskov

2nd Unit
First Assistant Director: Andrea Ratti
Gaffer: Kendal Petersen
Runner: Simon Pires
Runner & DIT: Chris Nguyen

3rd Unit
Director of Photography: Paulina Masternak
1st Assistant Camera: Lucy McPhee
Rigger Spark/Grip: John McNally
On Set Sound Operator: Will Fox
Hair and Make-Up Artist: Stacie Smith

Original Music by: Tracie Turnbull
Sound Designer and Re-Recording Mix by: Will Morton
Opening Titles Track by: Will Fox
Closing Credits Track and Vocals by: Hollie Buhagiar

Visual Effects by: Lucid Studios
Additional VFX and GFX: Marcel Sygula, Andrew McGee
Opening Titles Motion Graphics: Doug Hey

Associate Producers: Ted Heim, Max Hensgen, Lee Lawson, Mario Murkl, Melvin Rook, Andrew Smith

Executive Producers: Lucas A. Ferrara, Nagwa El-Abd

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