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Rosa Forlano, a 90 year old Nonna, falls in love with a robot while teaching it how to make spaghetti. Unfortunately, her family recipe is erased by a software update.

“TOTO” by Marco Baldonado

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“TOTO” Credits:
Rosa Forlano – Rosa
Simon Dragland – Delivery Guy
Walter Woodman – TOTO
Marco Baldonado – Voice of TOTO
Justin Macri – Voice of TOTO
Gabriela Francis – Santina
Mary Rose Sciarrillo – Mom

Casting Provided by Jigsaw Casting
Casting by: Shasta Lutz, CDC / Diana Ricci

Written & Directed by: Marco Baldonado
Co-written by: Walter Woodman
Produced by: Jeremiah Lapointe
Executive Producers: Mark Zibert / Simon Dragland / Rita Popielak

A Scouts Honour Production
Directory of Photography: Mark Zibert
Editor: Michelle Czukar
Production Designer: Jay Pooley
Robot Designer & Constructor: Ritta Koleva
Original Score & Sound Supervision: Mark Rajakovic
Visual Effects Supervisor: Sean Cochrane
Assistant Directors: Conor O’Brien / Jason Bourke
Art Director: Zak Noftall
Lead Set Dresser: Pete Downhaniuk
Wardrobe and Make-Up: Jynessa Marczuk / Dino Tinapay
B Camera: Jay Pooley
First Assistant A Camera: Conor Jarvie
First Assistant B Camera: Richard Gonzales
Second Assistant Camera: Thomas Lee
Movi Tech: Trevor Harris
DIT/VTR: Andrew Easson
DIT Assistant: Marvin Kwan
Production Sound Mixer and Boom Operator: David Dunlap
Gaffers: George Petras / Nathan Monk
Best Boy Grip: Will Houston
Production Coordinator and Continuity: Amy Prickett
Production Assistants: Tessla Stuckey / Kwaku Kufuor / Brady MacIsaac
Behind the Scenes Documentation: Janick Laurent
Catering by: Blazing Kitchen

Visual Effects and Color Grade provided by The Vanity
Visual Effects Producer: Kayla Baxter
Sr. VFX Artists: Michael Medeiros
VFX Artists: Noah Matikainen / Andrew Farlow / Adam Silcox-Vanwyk
Colourist: Andrew Exworth
Colourist Assistant: Brock Cruess

Picture Editorial Services provided by Rooster Post Production
Assistant Editor: Mikaela Bodin
Post-Production Intern: Lucas Bullard

Sound Editorial Services provided by Pirate Group Inc.
Audio Post Supervisor: Aaron Key
Sound Designers: Ian Boddy / Kyle Anderson
Re-Recording Mixer: Keith Ohman

Filmed on location in Toronto, Ontario

A very special thanks to Eduard Baldonado & Assunta Ferriera Baldonado

Scouts Honour
Rooster Post Production
The Vanity
Pirate Group Inc.
Jigsaw Casting
Mark Zibert
Simon Dragland
Rita Popielak
Jooli Kim
Lindsey Ribeiro
Melissa Kahn
Stephanie Pennington
Darlene Francis
Matt Bujok
Kate Day
Sandy Pereira
Walter Klassen
Yerik Davidian
William F. White Toronto
Dialogue Creative
Film and Event Solutions
Liberty Wardrobe
Berman Wardrobe
Backpack Kid
All of our friends and family who provided their advice, love and support.

A big hug to Scarlett Ferreira

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