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A father struggles to right a wrong committed several years before. If he fails his family dies.

“One Small Step” by Zachary Purcell

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“One Small Step” Credits:
Written & Directed by Zachary Purcell
Cinematography by David Wells
Produced by Jennell Lewis, Nicki Prian and Zachary Purcell
Musical Score by Nick Shadel and Aaron Benson
Production and Post Sound by Rich Hamilton
Set and Production Design by Joscelyne Ponder
B Camera Operators, Tony Stolfa and Greg Fulks
Edited by Tyler Mager and Zachary Purcell
1st AC, Brent Klein
Makeup and Special Effects by Brooke O Wilson
Frozen Man, John Barajas
Frozen Woman, Michelle Smith
Frozen Wife, Dawn Dillard
Frozen Daughter, D’Lee Dillard
BTS Photos by Paola Longoria
PA, Diego Longoria
Military Consultant Ryan Lynch

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