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A desperate survivor races for the most valuable resource in a dangerous and desolate wilderness.

“OASIS” by Diana Mills Smith

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“OASIS” Credits:
Written, Directed, and Produced by Diana Mills Smith
Starring: Hein De Vries, Toni Jean Erasmus
Director of Photography: Fabian Vettiger
1st AC: Alexandre Ortscheit
2nd AC: Yaseen Hanslo
3rd AC: Siyabuela Ruka
Assistant Director: Michael Rupp
Art Director: Francois Burger
Location Sound: Theuns Van Dyk, Radleigh Wathen
DIT: Zachary Lord Zachary Lord-Rule
Hair and Make-Up: Rebekka Munks
Wardrobe Assistant: Abigail Davids
Production Design/Staff Build: Liezel Reddek
Armourer/Knife Build: Brian Wentzel
Edit by: Stephen Du Plessis
VFX by: Blake Prinsloo
Sound Design & Final Mix: Brandon Pratt
Sound Design: Craig Gouge
Original Music: Paul Norwood
ADR Recordist: Gideon Murray
Colourist: Jarryd Duthoit
Stunts and Safety: Matt Esof
Photographer: Simon Luckhoff

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