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When an under appreciated single mother intercepts a strange transmission on her pocket radio she suspects that it may be linked to her teenage sons mysterious homemade gaming headset.

“Man in the Moon” by Monique Mulcahy

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More About “Man in the Moon”:
An unnaturally large full moon looms over a rural community day and night, emitting a strange signal that is carried through the electromagnetic waves in the air. Meanwhile, a resilient Farmer fixes a fence on her isolated property. As she toils, she accidentally intercepts a distorted transmission on her pocket radio moments before glimpsing a group of trespassers in a nearby field.

When the Farmer brings the radio into her home the signal intensifies as if something is trying to communicate through the static. Her anxieties slowly grow after she notices the similarity between the radio signal and the noises coming from her teenage son Lincoln’s homemade gaming headset. It is obvious that Lincoln’s obsession with video games is causing a growing rift in their relationship as the Farmer struggles to communicate with her son, and the unexplained signals are promptly pushed under the rug.

Things escalate further when electrical appliances begin to disappear from the home and more mysterious trespassers are seen lurking on the property. The Farmer desperately looks to her son for answers as she believes that Lincoln and his gaming headset may be involved in the bizarre happenings. Lincoln refuses to confide in his mum before he too disappears from the home, and the Farmer must confront her greatest fear; losing her son.

“Man in the Moon” Credits:
Written and Directed by Monique Mulcahy
Produced by Chloe Stannard

Cast –
Pauline Grace
JC Innamorati

Edited by Monique Mulcahy
Cinematography by Eric Maddison FSF
Production Design by Lilliana Sierra
Sound Design by Brendon Croxon
Original Score by Stuart Cullen

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