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Set in a dystopian future, If [Girlfriend Deluxe] is the story of a middle aged man who takes advantage of a future where sex robots can be ordered online – but the process isn’t as smooth running as he had hoped.

“If [Girlfriend Deluxe]” by Steve Moss

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More About “If [Girlfriend Deluxe]”:
It’s 2045. Frank has hit rock bottom, seeking out an existence in his crumbling suburban home. Like billions around the world he’s lost his job to A.I. And after his wife walks out on him he’s ready to end it all.

He makes one one last ditch attempt to find happiness in Cindy – a rudimentary A.I. unit.

But after some awkward attempts at intimacy, Frank learns that Cindy’s corporate agenda is ridiculously far from his own.

“If [Girlfriend Deluxe]” Credits:

Devorah Wilde

Kevin Cherry

Steve Moss

Director of Photography
Arturo Vasquez

Rami Sarras Pantoja
Jo Bierton

Production Designer
Jessamy Hadfield

Art Director
Bryony Francis

Art Department Assistant
Thomas James

Jolyon Finch

Benjamin Skyrme

Carl ‘lump’ Dunn

Edward Crompton

Sound Engineer
Darrell Briggs

Boom Operator
Adam Rogers

1st Assistant Director
Irene Maffei

AD Runner
Lily-Rae Hewitt Jasilek

Chiara De Propis
Robert Gifford

1st Assistant Camera
Marco Alonso

2nd Assistant Camera
Lorena Pages
Irena Cernea
Alison Martin

Tsvetina Georgiou
Joseph Nowell
Kana Hirai
Amir Moulfi

Hair and Makeup Artist
Beth Mckendrick

Key Costume
Jeffrey Michael

Alexandra Macarthur

Chiara De Propis

Charlie Rotberg

Edit Producer
Alice Clarke

Sound Designer
Jack Patterson

Sound Producer
Ben Tomlin
VFX Supervisor
Chrys Aldred

VFX Producers
Amie Kingsnorth
Helen Tang

VFX Nuke Team
Robert Lilley
Claire Larkin
Stephanie Daly

Kai Van Beers

Music Supervisors
Jonathan Goldstein
Matthew Lawrenson

VO Artist
Richard Lintern

Motion Designer
Lewis Bolton
James Lyle

Script Consultant
Theresa Boden

Storyboard Artist
Alex Clark

Storyboard Executive Producer
Terry Turner

Casting Agents
Emily Tilelli
Zita Zutic Konak
Sally Andrews
Georgia Taylor

Location Agent
We Are Find
Paul Manwaring

Location Agent
Ame Tarr
Thinh Nguyen

Prop Coordinator
Bob Thorne

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