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In a Home for Unwed Mothers, a pregnant girl tries to save her friend’s memories in order to save their friendship.

“CUT” by Sofie Somoroff

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“CUT” Credits:
Written, Directed & Edited by Sofie Somoroff

Produced by Ruby Fludzinski & Tatiana Ettensberger

Executive Producer – Doc Polk

Starring Sarah Sanders-Messman & Lucia Proctor Bonbright
with Kathryn Neville Browne, Christine Church, Bridget Lyons

Director of Photography Matt Kleppner

Costume & Production Designed by Celina Bernstein
Set Decorator – Annie Ning
Head Scenic – Shane Bannon

Assistant Director – Hope Fourie
Script Supervisor – Campbell Silverstein
Composer – Charles Nutrivore
On-Set Sound Mixer – Jack Warren
Sound Editor – Sofie Roses
Sound Mixer – Taylor Warren
1st AC – Ari Polgar
2nd AC – Aili Francis
Gaffers – Meg West & Josh Rode
Key Grip – Anik Bernstein
Grips – Afrah Boateng & Daniel Osofsky

Wardrobe/Hair & Makeup – Sofia Zur
Art Dept Assistants – Kosta Koufis, Ruby Lanet, Daniel Osofsky, Rachel Rosin
Script Consultants – Steve Collins, Onitra Johnson, Henry Kinder, Eli Sands
Associate Producer – Isaac Gotterer
PAs – Miles Warren, Tiler Wilson
Thesis Advisor – Richard Parkin

For My Grandma Gwen and my mom

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