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Brothers and best friends, Andrew and Michael do everything together, until an unfortunate accident forces Andrew to decide whether he can live without his closest companion.

“BRØTHERS” by Kris Sundberg

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More About “BRØTHERS”:
Andrew and Michael are brothers and best friends. They spend all of their time together, whether they’re playing video games, studying, hanging with friends, or challenging each other to a friendly wrestling match. They may tease each other from time to time, but they always have each other’s backs. At least that’s what they thought, until a tragic accident leaves Andrew alive without his best friend. Andrew’s trauma leads him to a radical idea: what if he rebuilt his brother? He sets to work in his garage, using pieces from his father’s robotics company to bring his brother back to life. Everything seems normal again, but as we all know, cheating death can have its consequences.

“BRØTHERS” Credits:
Director / Kris Sundberg
Writer / Kris Sundberg
Additional Script Revisions / Andrew Zeko
Producers / Ryan Hurst, Andrew Zeko, Andrew Pack
Director of Photography / Ryan Sundberg
Editor / Ryan Hurst
Gaffer / Chris Ford
Original Music / Dylan Sundberg
Assistant Directors / Andrew Zeko, Ryan Hurst
Line Producer / Johan Soderberg Svensson
Sound Mixer / Luke Schwarzweller
Assistant Camera / Michael Jordan
Sound Recordist / Johan Soderberg Svensson
Associate Producer / Kristi Sundberg
Art Department / Erik Sundberg, Michael Jordan, Ryan Hurst, Andrew Zeko, Andrew Pack
Colorist / Ryan Sundberg
Hair & Makeup / Selina McCale, Laura Kwasnik
Craft Services / Anaís García-Rivera
VFX / Brick House VFX, Kris Sundberg, Ryan Sundberg
Brother 1 / Andrew Pack
Brother 0 / Michael Pack
Football Players / Luke Schwarzweller, Laura Kwasnik
Partygoers / Will Wheat, David Lindgren, Luke Schwarzweller, Laura Kwasnik, Joy Fu, Andrew Zeko, Ryan Hurst
Mom / Pamela Pack
Dad / Rick Pack
Special Thanks / The Darmodys, Barbara Bauder Wixson, Rick & Pamela Pack, Jim & Karen Sundberg, Cristy L Mazaris

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