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Hunting for blackholes is a dangerous business. Adventurers, Explorers and anyone trying to find their fortune, will kill, and face danger in BackSpace to find one.

“BackSpace” by Nick Trivundza & Lexie Trivundza

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More About “BackSpace”:
Hunting for blackholes is a dangerous business. Only those willing to brave the deepest parts of BackSpace can survive. Adventurers, Explorers, Outlaws, and anyone trying to find their fortune, will kill, betray, and face danger to find one. Hunter and Mono track down a lost pod that may have the coordinates to a black hole.

“BackSpace” Credits:
Directed By: Nick + Lexie

Written By:
Nick + Lexie Trivundza

Produced By:
Nick + Lexie Trivundza

Paul Haapaniemi

James Brinkley

Holly Standbrook

Music By:
Paul Cassidy and Graham Plowman

An Adventure Company Film

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