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When a girl goes back to a guy’s house following a dating app hook-up, she becomes suspicious of his true intentions after discovering his obsession with cooking ramen broth, and a strange AI digital assistant called Angel.

“Angel” by Dicky Chalmers

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More About “Angel”:
Hooking-up on a dating app, Cici accompanies Ben back to his house. Cici is surprised to discover that Ben uses a bizarre AI digital assistant called Angel. She is further surprised when her attempts to get romantic are deflected by Ben, who only seems to be interested in telling Cici about his homemade ramen broth. As Cici becomes frustrated with Ben’s mansplaining, she makes sarcastic jokes about him being a serial killer who cooks his victims into ramen. Excusing himself to fetch something from upstairs, Ben leaves Cici alone. Suddenly, Angel tells Cici to leave immediately, warning her that Ben is in fact a serial killer, and Angel has recordings from previous evenings to prove it…

“Angel” Credits:
BEN – YAO Chun-Yao
ANGEL – LIN Kai-Ling

Written and Directed by Dicky Chalmers
Executive Producer – Dicky Chalmers, HAO PAI Films
Executive Producer – Push YANG, JHT Entertainment
Producer – YEN Chun-Wei, JHT Entertainment
Location Manager – Tommy TSAI, JHT Entertainment
Production Assistant – HSIEH Chang-Rong
Production Assistant – CHOU Ting-Yin
Script Translator – Kate AO
1st Assistant Director – ZHANG Yu-Bang
Director of Photography – CHEN Ko-Chin
1st Assistant Camera – GU Yao-Hua
2nd Assistant Camera – WANG Si-Han, Merry Go Round Inc.
Clapper/Loader – ZHANG Jia-Yu
Camera Equipment Rental – Merry Go Round Inc.
Gaffer – WEI Hu-Xian
Best Boy Electric – YANG Qing-Han
Best Boy Electric – SUN Da-Jun
Production Designer – Mingko WANG, Makers Art & Design
Assistant Production Designer – CHEN Yun-Ru
Assistant Production Designer – WU Zhao-Yu
Set Dresser – HUANG Yi-Lin
Set Dresser – KE Hao-Yang
Costume Designer – CHEN Yi-Ling
Costume Designer – NaNa TSENG
Costume Assistant – ZHANG Jia-Ruo
Hair Stylist – SUN Wan-Rong
Sound Mixer – CHEN Yun
Boom Operator – SU Guan-Yu
Casting – TONG Yun-Ting, Islander Production
Casting – PENG Xin-Hui, Islander Production
Voice Actor Casting – LIN Xie-Zhong
Editing and Post-Production – Dicky Chalmers
Colorist – Max Golomidov
Music and Sound Design – Simon Whitfield, Ugly Beauty Music
Angel Voice Recording Mixer – Roy WANG
Audio Post-Production Services – CHUNG Hui-Cheng, SweetSpot Sound Studio
DCP Mastering – Far East Translation Service & Video Production Co., Ltd

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