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A Detective suspects an AI that can predict death is actually murdering its clients.

“Actuary” by Matt Hill

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More About “Actuary”:
A company develops an AI that they claim can predict the day people will die. But a detective suspects chicanery, that the AI is actually murdering its clients.

“Actuary” Credits:
Writer/ MK Hill
Director/ MK Hill
Cinematographer/ Sean O’Brien
Actor (Detective)/ DeMorge Brown
Actor (Benson)/Chase Fein
Story/ MK Hill & Renato Quilalang
Producer/ MK Hill, Asiroh Cham, Eric Myers
Production Design/ Ester Song Kim
Set Dressing/ Ester Song Kim, Aaron Kee
Makeup/ Yukina Mitsuhashi
Camera Operator/ Jaime Margolin
Gaffer/ Steve Heuer
Location Manager/ Eric Myers
Production Sound/ Greg Stees
Sound Design/ MK Hill
Voice Over/ Jae Suh Park

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