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Why Desperate Housewives + Sex in the City = Edutainment TV Today

I considered softening that title with a question mark, but in my mind it’s not much of a question. First, let’s establish just what I mean by edutainment. Edutainment leisure programs that educate as well entertain.

Getting Your Reality TV Show Idea in Front of the People Who Make Them

Got a great idea for a Reality Show? Find out to develop your idea, protect it and submit it to 150 Hollywood Reality TV Production companies.

Nine Movies That Make You Want To Yell, “Stop Saying That”

A list of great movies ruined by our need to copycat. Jerry Maguire, The Godfather, and others take a hit as we repeat the lines within them.

John Wayne

You remember John Wayne right? It’s okay we won’t tell anyone you’re old enough to remember. John Wayne is fondly remembered for his terrific cowboy pictures and his many wild west movies.

Who Needs a Life? Trade in Your Free-Time for More TV-Time

The glaring need to watch more underrated television programs, like “Gilmore Girls,” “Veronica Mars,” and “Arrested Development.”

Is Online DVD Rental or Pay-Per-View the Best Way to Get Your Movies?

There are numerous ways to get the newest and latest movies available, but what is the best way? This article looks at the pros and cons of the different methods to get movies including the new and upcoming online DVD rental.

My Favorite Movies Journal

The movies–what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon! I love going to the movies. When I thought about why I look forward to going to a movie, I realized it was like meditation for me. The only thing that was on my mind was what was in front of me on the screen. I am in the moment when I am at a movie.

Movies – Watch What You Want, When You Want

Movies are a tremendous source of entertainment for most people. The reason? It’s probably because even people who have little in common can find a movie to enjoy together. Technology has played an important role in broadening the appeal of most movies to encompass a wider audience.

Is Sandra Bullock Promiscuous?

Each face reveals its own personality, character, and destiny. What does Sandra Bullock’s face reveal? Discover the real personality behind this famous face.

All About Hawaii Five-O

The series stars Jack Lord. He was offered the part of Captain Kirk in Star Trek but turned it down.

Watch and Record HDTV on the Mac

Elgato’s EyeTV 500 makes it possible to watch and record HDTV on your Mac. This article explains what it does and how to use it.

Las Vegas & The Movies

Sunny Las Vegas hosted hundreds of movies or movie-scenes. Some of them got the Oscar. Others got lost on the way. But Vegas surely remains a classic attraction for film-makers since the glory of the Rat Pack days.

Is Blade Runner a Masterpiece?

Is Blade Runner the masterpiece that so many claim it is? It wasn’t viewed that way when it was first debuted back in 1982 after it crashed at the box office, but time helped its standing in a way that allowed it to become one of the more prominent items in science fiction. Once that occurred, this Ridley Scott directed picture came to be seen as a classic in the eyes of critics and fans alike.

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