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What happened What do we do Right The current The current flow Through its followers. We are bound by the current to the conductor Have we no choice but to bow before the rides? Where we too can find current eater? You’re strong Nope hold on don’t let the light go Ha ha ha Did you know It’s my boy this current it leaves him come my son Don’t think for a moment the current has abandoned you thank you Father for it. Is he who has abandoned the current What no No, there’s accidents were teaching the circuitry Please father I must reach the current No way does it work got me plugin Easy you got I’m not the floor worse though.



Maybe we can take you to the new smart You know what you could do with it What’s that Kate mom’s current No, no, we can’t do that. Why not hi altered our line we are Forbidden to take the rise. Don’t take the rise. Take this no, only the direct have access to the current says who the father I want you to drop it what I Said to drop it Come help me with your mother What are you doing, I don’t know something You my boy I Pity you yes Do you hold on to hope when you are destined for despair? I?

Just want my boy safe This cannot be undone It’s dead what the conductor there’s no current left No, that can’t be does this mean we’ve lost her Do not be deceived Did the current it’s do What the tainted line We can’t just leave her You What did you dream a child I was Don’t be afraid That’s what I want you have to know that don’t open the letter without me DNA analysis computed by Canada málaga factor seven It’s procedure Okay, I can’t tell you that she’s mine please, you know, I can’t tell you, you know You had a boy I See you were careless She’s disturbing the others Please be quiet.


Yes. Be quiet. I just want to see my son. How does she know she’s guessing Well, it’s gone now anyway More won’t make a difference.

Let me keep them. It wouldn’t be your responsibility You won’t be able to conceive again we’ve taken care of it. Do you have a child no, I Have one at home When there were trees with a roof made of leaves Now the forest has gone very plastic Did you borrow my son did you throw him in the river Can you tell me you know We live in circumstances that are finally burned Did you get it John I need to know please get home as soon as you can I need to tell you something You are the Shepherd’s on the flock the Chosen one you will prevail only by sustaining order in your daily tasks Like you all over the world your brothers work tirelessly in eugenics To ensure that all needs are met for future generations.


This facility is the last defense in job Man in his wisdom has charged him with making the sacrifices that he could not John I’ll be down in a minute You should open it you should Can’t be my fault I Qualify I have done everything everything, right? We have to make the leap are you mind we’ll make the leap and have our baby on the other side or our families here Nothing do you understand do you love me?

Of course, do you want to have a baby? Of course? Because I would do anything to have one You know what the loop means I should be reporting you for saying this support me.


Then the state will find you another partner Want another partner? Okay, you’ll come with me Look with your heart There is our baby, it’s ours if we Dare, I see what they’ll do to us.

They’re already doing it We live in circumstances that are finally balanced The corporation decides according to the needs of the state the meet the state are not greater than ours They have all the power What can we do I know what to do why don’t you It’s over I’m pregnant We know I didn’t know Makes the difference Have you done with my wife you won’t be seeing her again We could have made a child for you Joe would have it a slave We’re not slaves Are we John I wanted? To look my child in the eyes And know that it was the product of our union Well, you weren’t John And look how far you’ve come Do you throw it all away? We can choose Entirely the very best traits of humanity and wipe out the words She was defective We must protect the stock from themselves if need be Your dream was a fire you had no right to steal We made you one of the best so this is how you repay us Eugenics is wrong Livers in a genetic caste system all needs are met What’s wrong with that? It’s what we do where they aren’t met Makes us human needs are infinite job Resources are finite Those Were only natural man’s need to exhaust the resources of his natural environment Are distinctly an unnatural job Wouldn’t you say? Other species that outgrow their natural boundaries are dismissed as pests their numbers must be controlled We are no different We need to take measures as merciless as nature in order to survive on this planet We were trying to protect you job You must see that Our child who had a life Would have been perfect to us, there’s nothing you can do to change that You owe me you’re far too valuable to us for that we’ll just have to start again What’s stopping you you are John you’re holding us all back And we are still human The cosmos Derived from the Greek verb to order to arrange to harmonize the cosmos in all its immense durable vastness is composed of billions of galaxies Which in turn are composed of millions of solar systems composed of hundreds of thousands of stars all in harmony Planet earth a small suspended dome to which the cosmos in all its wisdom has conferred its greatest creation and perhaps his true purpose In life By way of an infinite current of events which stretches endlessly beyond our comprehension At one point there came to be us We human beings the results of billions of years of evolution Transformation and Transmutation have been looking up at the skies in wonder ever since our very emergence as a species We have been equally blessed and cursed With an eternal thirst for knowledge And that thirst is what drives us further What lies beyond our star scattered skies Who was it that created us and Who created our creators?

Today we are able to glimpse even if only in passing The extent of colossal cosmic creature The meaning of life itself Could it be just around the next intergalactic corner? From Copernicus to Galileo from Newton to Einstein from Sagan to Hawking Our Planet’s most curious and brilliant minds over the expanse of our existence as children of the cosmos collaborate tirelessly in the effort to get us ever closer to finally reaching the starry skies It’s as if the sweat of our brows The collective grinding of our teeth and The arduous labor of our hands Have all led to this one instant This sublime moment, ah What a moment rejoice earthlings be hearty and Always look ahead With an adventurous eye a Steady unfaltering step and a relentless will to conquer If father cosmos had a voice we might hear him say Congratulations humans It has been a long and arduous journey But it’s finally over Ladies and gentlemen, this is it We have come to the beautiful and fascinating conclusion of the first intergalactic dodgeball league finals Hey ma did you yeah ma I love there What’s going on nothing There this is why you called yes We need to talk Not every time you call my life is here I have got things my my stuff my life.


It’s too dangerous I’m sending the bear back I love it, but I’m scheduling a pickup take a deep breath. Tell me what’s wrong. Nothing is wrong I I’m Nevin What did he say to you?

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Nothing you just fell out of the window Stop sorry, could you take your shoes off House Rules? Let’s hear a boyfriend. Well, I guess it’s irrelevant now How long have you live next door what do you what did you do before lockdown What do you do civilians family god, no.


No, I don’t want to hurt you I I make I mean monks We’re known for our patented porcelain, but these are my pet projects Bugs on months That means a lot My mother doesn’t think much of them You know parents could be sometimes they just don’t get it trans style but these mugs weren’t made for them They’re made for you people like you and me People get it This is I didn’t You can’t be serious They’ll take you don’t put you in the cash to borrow this I think disgusted you mixed up with the wrong crowd Wait your name? Deston Civil Services has increased their presence in the Greater Los Angeles area To combat the national terrorist threat with us now is congressman Kafka’s co-chair of the civil control Appropriations Committee congressman Explained to us how he arrived at martial law in five of the largest US city What Chris and I really like to talk about he just like to talk about life We also exchange kind of workout tips and nutrition tips.



We’re under the microscope and everything we do so you better look good I feel like he’s gonna smother her with all of his love. Crystal is absolutely beautiful I mean the first thing I noticed right off the top She’s got the complete package, which is something you’re always looking for the cameras get close They’re on her all the time and she’s always flawless great body. It’s refreshing to see there was this one moment last night? I remember and we had just taken all a bunch of tequila shots And I look into her eyes the first time kind of really felt a connection with somebody I don’t know if it’s because I was hammered off my ass, but I felt something that I’ve never, you know, honestly felt before What do you want I want to help I can help wait I Know how to get what you’re after without raising eyebrows my mom’s well manufacturing involves all sorts of compounds and connections I could call in a favor work to Your setting there No, I just I Hate what they’re doing to us It’s not fair the state is Fucking the state Fuck the state Thanks Oh Destiny Destiny me It’s me.


Don’t shoot Wow, what are you doing?

It’s just I love you. Is that a joke ha. Oh god. They got me Oh God now that Baby no, no If you really love me Anything Civil Services declared a victory last night Orting what is being described as a significant bombing plot two members of the terrorist organization known as Destiny were seized and brought to justice with connections to the Irvine v Destiny has been behind three major attacks this year alone the extremist group the trick Pacing myself I come in there. I play it cool.

I mean I got the tubes. I got the charm I feel like this girl is It’s a little too much. So trying to keep a little space These are the guys that just rained flowers on her and give her all the love that she needs Talking about high maintenance. I Really don’t need it You The situation has progressively deteriorated over the last week and now fierce fighting has engulfed much of the capital and is threatening to spread to others so I could hear shots like I Just received information that the president’s helicopter has been shot down Marine one has gone down around the Capitol in Washington DC My Roger that going silent Cover see post up here extraction team fifth floor Doc we got a body up here? Lieutenant Yeah, he’s Secret Service, all right guys, we’re close Echo one.



What’s your status over I’ll go I it up here sir Feel like we’re sitting ducks here, sir Cam take Scott go left doc. You’re with me ready move First Chuck Sinclair approaching over Doc Hold your fire, this is Captain James gunner Delta Force. We’re here to extract you, sir Mr. President drop your weapon we’re coming in How you feeling mr. President I’m feeling great that go on this is Eagle One We’ve secured the target over damn clinkers took the city dros of them shot down marine one Echo one report Mr.

President if you can walk we need to move now one two three We gotta move See with money nah, come right here man staying with me doc About your menses doc.


Come on. Dr. Lewis. Stay with you doc right here back Be back your burp secondary stretch a point on your ETA one man Go get you that jump or Sun behind me Break break break this is my thank you back black make the evacuation is complete the path is yours Scanning happiness seventy two point six Anxiety 33.

7 68.4 Confidence 8.2 You.


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