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After years of searching, Grunt the automaton has finally caught up with the bounty hunter, pirate captain Corliss Vail, and its objective is clear – rescue the young, supernaturally gifted, Nessa Baelin from imprisonment on the bounty hunter’s skyship, and return her to Nessa’s father.

“Cyan Eyed” by Ryan Grobins

In collaboration with Skywalker Sound

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“Cyan Eyed” Credits:
Ryan Grobins – Writer/Director/Producer/Asset Builder/Hair and Fur Technical Director/Look Development Artist/Texture Artist/Previs Artist/Animator/FX Technical Director/Lighting/Compositor
Albert Radosevic – Asset Builder
Andrew Krivulya – Hair and Fur Technical Director
Arthur Moody – Hair and Fur Technical Director
Artur Zima – Concept Artist
Benjamin Wheatley – Asset Builder
Benjamin Holen – Asset Builder
Brooks Kim – Texture Artist
Cary Graham – FX Technical Director
Christian Ronquillo – Concept Artist
Conor Schock – Compositor
Conrad Allan – Concept Artist
Conrad Murrey – Previs Artist
Curtis Carlson – Compositor
Damian Castellini – Animator
Daniel Alvarez – Concept Artist
Devon Gay – Compositor
Eddy Burnfield – Animator
Hyojung Kim Grobins – Concept Artist
Hugh Behroozy – Producer
Ivan Cadena – Animator
Ivo Šucur – Look Development Artist
Jacob Zaguri – FX Technical Director
Jasmin Watkins – Producer
Jennifer Kim – Texture Artist
Jessica Smith – Concept Artist
John Chen – Asset Builder / Previs Artist
John Toth – Texture Artist
Jonathan Romain – Look Development Artist
Joseph Leong – Animator
Joseph Roberts – Asset Builder
Kenji Gonzales – Concept Artist
Kim Allen – Animator
Matthew Zikry – Concept Artist
Matt McGrath – Animator
Melissa Olsen – Producer
Michael Plotnikov – Compositor
Michael Raiti – Animator
Ned Rogers – Concept Artist
Nick Beins – FX Technical Director
Nick Crowhurst – Associate Producer
Noemi Cini – Compositor
Paul Ziola – Animator
Phil Hook – Rigging Technical Director
Prateek Rangineni – FX Technical Director
Rahul Manoharan – Compositor
Rana Kar – Animator
Robert Paternoster – Animator
Samuel Collins – Animator
Sean Watts – Public Relations Manager
Sheree Chuang – Texture Artist
Stanley Darmawan – Animator
Tanya Philipsen Jørgensen – Motion Graphics Artist
Victor Mahnic – FX Technical Director
Yucheng Hong – Concept Artist
Zoran Dragaš – FX Technical Director

Mac Smith – Supervising Sound Editor
Nathan Nance – Re-Recording Mixer
Brandon Proctor – Re-Recording Mixer
Luke Dunn Gielmuda – Foley Editor
John Roesch – Foley Artist
Scott Curtis – Foley Mixer
John “JT” Torrijos – Projectionist
Jim Austin – Engineering Services
Ivan Piesh – Digital Editorial Support
Jessica Engel – Post-Production Sound Accountant
Michael Peters – Post-Production Finance Manager
Eva Porter – Client Services
Carrie Perry – Scheduling
Josh Lowden – General Manager
Jon Null – Head of Production
Steve Morris – Head of Engineering

Nicole Brady – Composer
Tristan Coelho – Music Editor
Milton Gutierrez – Recording and Mix Engineer
Peter Rotter – Contractor and Conductor
Tim Ryan – Supervising Music Editor and Mix Engineer
Elaine Beckett – Trackdown Producer
Bob Scott – Mastering Engineer

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