Real Monsters, Creatures, Ghosts and Demons from Hell! | Alien Monster Documentary

**This film is under license from Vision Films Inc. All rights reserved**

Real Monsters, Creatures, Ghosts and Demons from Hell! – Strange and very real monster sightings abound around the world. Everyday people are not just encountering real monsters; they are having life altering experiences with strange paranormal and supernatural forces via mysterious beings as well as ghosts and spirits of the dead. Prepare to take a journey into the unexplained in this comprehensive program and hear incredible eyewitness reports that force us to face the fact that the monsters we relegate to fairy tales, have indeed been quite real all along. Explore the Jersey Devil, The Goatman, Lizard Men, Lake Monsters, Mothmen, Flying Humanoids, Phantom Demons, Bigfoot, Ghosts, Dark Spirits, Apparitions and much more.

Stars: Paul Hughes, Simon Oliver

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