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Films – Black Rain

It’s two New York City cops’ responsibility to escort a Japanese assassin back to Osaka. However, they’re caught in between a Yakuza battle for power and leadership.

Episode 2: One Mans Trash is Another Mans Veto!

Although the new Big Brother Allstars opening titles are full of shots of all 14 houseguests smiling and happy, inside the house their is already frowns, anger, and deceit. However, there is one woman who seems to have control of the house- Janelle, who along with Jase won a spots as the houses first HOH; also wins the First Power of Veto. Read more to find out what happened on episode 2 and a few highlights from the livefeeds.

Big Brother 7 – Episode 4: Whip Cream, Slop, Power, Evictions

Can Dr. Evil continue to use his reverse psychology on members of the house and not be evicted? Who’s birthday involved whip creme? Nakomis and Diane, the two least threatening in the house are up for eviction. Did Kaysar make the right move? Who won the Power of Veto challenge? Find out more by reading on!

Big Brother 7 – Episode 3: Alison Evicted!

Although Alison had planned to play the game more honestly and without seducing men, because of the new “love” in her life, Alison was the first to be evicted with a vote of 8:2.

New Gossip from the Big Brother Allstars LIVEFEEDS

In the past 48 hours a lot has happened in the house!!! During the livefeeds new friends become foes and new enemies give new promises of loyalties. Kaysar’s plan is also revealed and challenged and his initial target changes. The livefeeds reveal all- and we have some highlights for you. Read on to know what has happened in the last 48 hours.

Krrish- Has Left the Building!

Some call it the worlds largest film industry. Indian filmmaking has come of age. The latest blockbuster Krrish has laid the foundation for a new era in Bollywood.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

Is Jack really back? Or does this sequel fail to be a real “treasure?”

A Hot Show + Good Camera Work = A Killer Promo Video

Booking a live show is a huge opportunity for up and coming artists to showcase their talent. Everyone has heard the incredible stories of a unknown artist being discovered by a major record label in some small club where they were performing. The media hypes these stories with a blitz of press that you can’t help but notice. This hype fuels the dreams of many artists seeking music stardom.

Scrubs (DVD) Review

Nominated for 9 Emmys and 2 Golden Globes, Scrubs premiered in Fall 2001 to moderate fanfare and a respectable Nielsen rating of #34. And although the series has yet to achieve blockbuster ratings, it has managed to build a loyal fan base devoted to its unique brand of humor and quirky characters…

FTA Satellite TV – How to Legitimately Receive Free Satellite Channels

Find out how to legitimately receive free satellite television. Find out the pros and cons of Free to Air satellite TV. Don’t waste your hard earned money on satellite television if you don’t have to!

Classical Movie – Why It Remains Relevant For Viewers Today

The classical movie is truly one of the great inventions since we discovered hamburgers. The classical movie is also the one show that we had the benefit of watching when we were kids, cause at the time only three television channels were available.

Pirates of the Bollywean

Bollywood, the Indian movie industry, is on a campaign against the piracy of their movies. Who all are the culprits? Find and get surprised!

Quality Internet TV – The Sites You Should Know

There are many great sites to visit today that are actually working good and offer TV content for free and we’re not talking about the funny clips, homemade movies or 3 minutes music videos. We are talking about the real deal – Internet TV.

First pic from “Resident Evil:Extinction”

First ever image from “Resident Evil:Extinction”

See Dick Try to Make a Movie – See Dick Fail – Don’t Be a Dick

Making a movie is not for everyone. It may sound fun and somewhat glamorous in the beginning, but those feelings quickly fade as the amount of work seems to get overwhelming before you even begin to shoot. After a few production meetings and cast rehearsals, some people will drop out of the movie when it becomes clear the time and energy involved.

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