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Storm of the Century
From legendary horror creator Stephen King comes this Emmy®-winning mini-series where a little island meets a big storm in a face-off of epic proportions. When a murder shakes the town of Little Tall, the local constable should stop the evil that may be growing as quickly as the blizzard.

The Triangle
A group of friends exploring the Bermuda Triangle run across a mysterious ghost ship that has been lost for 50 years and is now jeopardizing their fate.

Frozen in Fear
Lacy seeks out the work of an unknown painter, Sean, in hopes of adding to her art gallery. But little does she know, this artist has had a troubled past. Now several girls are missing and Sean has taken up an interest in ice sculpture…with a human twist.

Watch Me
One after the other, Tess Hooper’s friends are brutally murdered. Linking them together is the “Watch Me” email—a file that spreads through electronic address books to searching for its sufferers. As Tess becomes the next target, she should untangle the puzzle to stop the file’s poisonous rampage.

Deadfall Trail
Three campers head into the wilderness for a bare-bones expedition. But when one is severely injured, they’re stranded with limited supplies. As the search for assist becomes more urgent, the building tension becomes more dangerous.

The Fear Chamber
Detective Nick Ferguson is on the verge of capturing a serial killer, but hallucinations and nightmarish visions thwart his efforts…until he realizes that the visions themselves could also be the key to closing in on the sadistic murderer.

Haunted from Within
When Olivia Perez mysteriously kills her children, it sort of feels as if she has fallen under the spell of the legendary La Llorana. But this is no coincidence. Soon the curse begins to spread and more women are following in Olivia’s footsteps.

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