Once Around [DVD]

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Richard Dreyfuss and Holly Hunter lead an all-star cast on this critically acclaimed tale of life, love and chance. Jilted by her boyfriend, Renata (Hunter), the oldest daughter of a detailed-knit Italian-American circle of relatives, falls in love with Sam (Dreyfuss), an abrasive and forcefully charming businessman.But neither her spirited sister (Laura San Giacomo), her down-to-earth father (Danny Aiello), or her supportive mother (Gena Rowlands) can tolerate Sam’s continuously obnoxious intrusion into their circle of relatives circle.Aggressive and overwhelmingly generous, Sam proceeds – with best the most productive intentions – to disrupt and just about demolish Renata’s circle of relatives. Love, humor and forgiveness go yet again around because the Bellas attempt to balance Renata’s happiness with their circle of relatives’s survival on this funny and continuously touching story, directed by Lasse Hallstr√∂m.

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