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Monk and His Origins Monk and His Monk and His Fellow Sufferers Monk and His Emmy Award Winning Performance Monk and His Partners in Crime Disc 5 – Monk Season Two: The Minds…


He’s obsessive. He is compulsive. He is Monk, “TV’s most original sleuth ever” (Howard Rosenberg, Los Angeles Times). Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe winner Tony Shalhoub cleans up crime and grime galore in the beloved series that critics hailed as “fresh, exciting and utterly original” (Chicago Tribune). Once upon a time Adrian Monk was once a rising star with the San Francisco Police Department, but he lost his nerve, his mind and then his badge. Now, this obsessive-compulsive detective is made up our minds to get back on the force by solving one crime at a time in “the most efficient detective show to come along in decades” (New York Post). Featuring hilarious guest stars, including Stanley Tucci, John Turturro and Sarah Silverman, and packed with each and every episode from all 8 seasons, this 32-disc set includes hours of In the back of-the-scenes bonus, making Monk: The Complete Series a compulsively essential addition to any DVD obsessive’s collection.

Bonus Content:
Disc 4 – Monk Season One:

  • Mr. Monk and His Origins
  • Mr. Monk and His O.C.D.
  • Mr. Monk and His Fellow Sufferers
  • Mr. Monk and His Emmy Award Winning Performance
  • Mr. Monk and His Partners in Crime
  • Disc 5 – Monk Season Two:

  • The Minds In the back of Monk
  • Disc 6 – Monk Season Two:

  • Disher (Jason Gray-Stanford) Character Profile
  • Disc 7 – Monk Season Two:

  • Stottlemeyer (Ted Levine) Character Profile
  • Disc 8 – Monk Season Two:

  • Precinct Tours with Jason Gray-Stanford
  • Disc 9 – Monk Season Three:

  • Favorites
  • Disc 10 – Monk Season Three:

  • Monk (Tony Shalhoub) Character Profile
  • Disc 11 – Monk Season Three:

  • Life Before Monk
  • Natalie Teeger (Traylor Howard) Character Profile
  • Disc 12 – Monk Season Three:

  • Quirks
  • Disc 16 – Monk Season Four:

  • The Monk Writing Process
  • Jon Perkins In the back of the Scenes
  • Disc 18 – Monk Season Five:

  • Mr. Monk and the Leper Observation with Tony Shalhoub, Jason Gray-Stanford, Ted Levine, Traylor Howard, Sarah Brown, Executive Producer David Hoberman, Executive Producer/Author Andy Breckman, and Director/Exceutive Producer Randall Zisk
  • Disc 20 – Monk Season Five:

  • Webisodes
  • Bonus Episode: Psych Pilot Episode
  • Disc 21 – Monk Season Six:

  • Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan Video Observation by Author/Executive Producer Andy Breckman
  • Mr. Monk and The Naked Man Video Observation by Writers Tom Gammill and Max Pross
  • Mr. Monk and The Bad Girlfriend Video Observation By Author Joe Toplyn
  • Disc 22 – Monk Season Six:

  • Mr. Monk and The Birds And The Bees Video Observation By Author Peter Wolk
  • Mr. Monk and The Buried Treasure Video Observation By Author/Co-Executive Producer Jonathon Collier
  • Mr. Monk and The Incorrect Man Video Observation By Author Sal Savo
  • Disc 23 – Monk Season Six:

  • Mr. Monk Is Up All Night Video Observation with Author David Breckman
  • Mr. Monk Is Up All Night Audio Observation with Tony Shalhoub, Ted Levine, Jason Gray-Stanford, Executive Producer David Hoberman, and Director/Executive Producer Randall Zisk
  • Disc 25 – Monk Season Seven:

  • Mr. Monk Buys a House Video Observation with Author/Co-Author Andy Breckman
  • Mr. Monk Gets Lotto Fever Video Observation with Author Hy Conrad
  • Disc 26 – Monk Season Seven:

  • Mr. Monk Is Underwater Video Observation with Author Jack Bernstein
  • Mr. Monk Falls in Love Video Observation with Writers Josh Siegal and Dylan Morgan
  • Mr. Monk’s 100th Case Video Observation with Author Tom Scharpling
  • Mr. Monk Gets Hypnotized Video Observation with Writers Tom Gammill and Max Pross
  • Disc 27 – Monk Season Seven:

  • Monk P.I. – Promotional Ad
  • Disc 28 – Monk Season Seven:

  • Anatomy of an Episode
  • Disc 31 – Monk Season Eight:

  • Set Tours
  • Mr. Monk Says Goodbye
  • Disc 32 – Monk Season Eight:

  • Mr. Monk and the End Video Observation with Author/Episode Author Andy Breckman, Episode Director Randy Zisk and Series Star Tony Shalhoub
  • Andy Breckman Interview
  • Cast Interviews
  • Additional information