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Everyone’s favorite know-it-all neighbor and knucklehead!

ERNEST IN THE ARMY: The Army will never be the same! Our old buddy Ernest P. Worrell (Jim Varney) loves big Army trucks so he enlists in the Reserves to get a possibility to drive them. Unfortunately, Ernest’s unit is known as as much as serve in a foreign country as a part of a force Having a look to stop a Middle Eastern dictator.

ERNEST GOES TO AFRICA: Get able for a actually wild African adventure! Ernest (Jim Varney) will have to head to Africa to save the girl of his dreams from a group of diamond smugglers after giving her an unsuspecting yo-yo made of priceless diamonds he stumbled upon.

HEY VERN! IT’S MY FAMILY ALBUM: Having a look at a circle of relatives album has never been this fun! Ernest’s (Jim Varney) recollections come to life in a series of skits impersonating his most eccentric ancestors.

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