Looking Into The Future | Premonitions | Weird Or What | William Shatner | S3E7

Weird or What examines whether we can see into the future. It looks at the case of an Ohio man whose dreams predicted a horrible place crash before it happened. It then looks at how the premonitions of a boy saved his family from a deadly volcanic eruption in the state of Washington. Finally, it looks at a California man who was able to foresee the Hurricane Katrina disaster with uncanny accuracy.
2012. William Shatner
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Hellboy II – The Golden Army

Hellboy II: The Golden Army surpasses the original Hellboy (2004) in many important ways. It has more heart, more character, and a story conflict that isn’t easily resolved with nothing but violence. There are lots of fighting, make up art and cool special effects, but that’s not the essence this time around.

The Increasing Significance of Movie Trailers

Get to know about the best places on the net to watch all the trailers of all the latest releases in Hollywood! Catch all the action!

Famous Wedding Movies – “Father of the Bride”

One of the most delightful movies about weddings is the 1991 hit Father of the Bride starring Steve Martin. The movie tells the tale of a loving dad who nearly loses his mind during the planning of his daughter’s wedding.

“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” Ends Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti Western Trilogy

From virtually no acclaim at the time, Sergio Leone’s “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” is now regarded as a classic by many critics. It was part of Time’s “100 Greatest Movies” of the last century, and it is one of the few films which enjoy a 100% certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes (rottentomatoes.com). The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is currently ranked no less than 5th among the Internet Movie Database Top 250, all of which is not too shabby for an Italian guy directing an American Western.

Four Easy Steps to Organizing Your Film Shoot

Most amateur filmmakers make the same old mistakes, what’s worse is, they are so used to making their short films the way they do because they fail to realize what it is they did wrong. Avoid these mistakes by keeping to the four steps to remember, in this article.

The Bucket List (2008)

The Bucket List is one of the best movies of 2008, and it would be cruel not to give it an Oscar award. It teaches viewers how to make the best out of any situation, even a tragic illness like brain cancer. The Bucket List features 2 of the best and most experienced actors in Hollywood (Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson), and the chemistry between the two is marvelous. Some of the recurring themes throughout the movie are living for the present (having fun in the current moment); appreciating the little things in your daily life, while not worrying about what happens in the future. The work that was put into making the movie was tremendous, and it shows during the presentation.

The Phenomenon of Utopia Inside Anime

By watching animes through tv or the internet you’ll realize that the theme of Utopia seems to be the focus of a ton of animes. Why is that and what is it? Through this article I will unlock the mystery behind it.

5 Celebrities Who Survived Child Abuse

Behind some of the most messed-up celebrities (and some who were able to cope) are some pretty messed-up parents. They could be stage parents, parents who are going through separation, or just plain free-loaders, investing in their child’s celebrity status, so that, in time, their abuse will pay back its dividends. Macaulay Culkin – Let’s start off with someone who was able to cope with his parent’s abuse.

Free Anime Soundtracks

To all people who share my passion of anime soundtracks, I’d like to discuss just how it can make you feel more alive even though it’s in another language. Free downloads that are available all over the internet has enabled surfers to indulge in what it has to offer.

Satellite PC TV

Many people have spent a lot of money on satellite TV over the years so that they can watch specific channels they like which are either not available in their counties or on regular TV and yet many end up frustrated either due to very high monthly charges or even poor signals. Most of the satellite or cables companies offer a limited number of channels most of which most people don’t even watch either due to language barriers or those channels are just boring and many just end up forcing themselves to watch programs or stations just for the sake …

Seraphim Falls (2006)

Seraphim Falls succeed as a great western and war story, where civil war has twisted men into becoming monsters, one tries to escape the monster he become, the other embraces the opportunity of becoming one. Two men travel from a cold mountains towards a stinking hot desert, their feelings towards each others resemble the nature they pass through, one full of hatred, driven by revenge, the other longing for some hope and redemption. The vengeful one has gathered a posse to track down and kill the other man, but the reason is not given away …

Get Smart (2008)

Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell) would love to be an high-risk spy rather than a mear data analyst at Control, a US spy agency. His reports are so accurate that nobody bothers to read them, even though they are recognized by the Chief (Alan Arkin) to be brilliant. For that reason Smart doesn’t get his opportunity to do fieldwork, he is too valuable on the inside.

The Incredible Hulk (2008)

The Incredible Hulk is an entertaining summer blockbuster, much more so than the previous Hulk (2003). This summer is the summer of superhero blockbusters. I have no complaints.

Patriotism in Indian Cinema

For any self-respecting nation, patriotism of its citizens is its heart-beat. If it is there, not only is the nation’s continued existence across centuries and millennia guaranteed, but is progressive evolution is also ensured. It if is not there, the nation suffers decline, debility and eventual doom.

Science Fiction Theatre

Although not all of the people nowadays are familiar with the TV series, Science Fiction Theatre, it still has its own fan base that are very much into the series until now. In fact, there might be even children or grandchildren of people who were fond of this series in the past that know of this and even have collections of the series’ episodes or are interested in getting copies of them.

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