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Why “The Biggest Loser” Is The Biggest Loser

There has been much hype about “The Biggest Loser.” Find out why “The Biggest Loser” has ZERO applicability for real people living real lives…

The Three “Questions” Of Science Fiction

S.F. is often thought of as spaceships and aliens. While true, this is merely the surface. Look a bit closer!

“The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” – Einstein Would Have Loved It!

Einstein would have loved the movie “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” because it is filled with not only imagination, but also time dilation and wormholes that tunnel into distant regions of space and time and black holes and string theory and spacetime curvature… all implicated in his General Theory of Relativity.

Casino Royale – The 21st James Bond Movie

The background and controversy leading to the latest 007 film

Reality TV Bytes

How our entertainment world is becoming so much about reality, but IS IT REALLLY Reality? No, our children are very influenced by these shows!

From High School Summer Camp to Cinematographer for the Stars

Internal Drive offers summer camps for kids and teens who are interested in cinematography and other related subjects.

The Reunion: Oprah and Letterman

After almost 16 years Oprah was the guest celebrity on the David Letterman show last night. Oprah denied that there was ever a feud with Letterman. Letterman said that Oprah had send gifts to his son when the child was born two years ago. David and Oprah talked of her early years, her start in show business, and her relief efforts in Africa, especially about the AIDS pandemic which has affected millions. Oprah said the education is the key to freedom and that her foundation supports educational activities. She is building an Academy in Africa to train young African women for leadership roles.

X Factor – Final Five Betting Preview

Out of 75,000 auditionees only five remain and are just a few short weeks from winning the biggest talent competition in the UK – the competition is starting to get serious.

Plunk Your Magic Twanger, Froggy

There were often real live animals in the show, including lions and monkeys that would be dressed up silly costumes. The real star of the show, however, was Froggy the Gremlin. He was a true rebel.

“Mr. Miyagi” Dies at 73

With the passing of Pat Morita, it seems as if we’ve lost a much beloved member of our American family.

The Wide World Of Television

Television is one of those things that we call entertainment. In one form or another it is entertaining to watch. But, television has taken on a new realm as well.

Now Family Guy Is Officially Cool

As Family Guy comes second on the Parents Worst Family Friendly shows the creators of the series are making it more edgier and political to earn their new BAD identity

Rate Your Children’s Movies

As a parent, it’s my job to make sure the movies my children watch are appropriate. I don’t rely on the standard movie rating system.

Sir Sean Connery at 75: An Enduring Study in Triumphant Contrast

Few film actors have endured through decade after decade with the grace and unabated star quality of Sir Sean Connery, who turned 75 years old this year. Handsome, charming and innately intelligent, Connery never abandoned his Scottish roots nor his earliest days in the working-class streets of Edinburgh.

My Cable Provider Owes Me A Date With Ming Tsai

…I have spent the bulk of my life with fundamental 2 premises. You don’t pay to watch television and there are 6 channels to choose from in the big city.

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