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Why Do Movie Characters Smoke?

Why Do Movie Characters Smoke? The RKA Cinema Society takes a look at Hollywood’s true agenda when making movies. Movies are not just entertainment but big budgeted cigarette commericals. Often, well known stars are asked to smoke cigarettes throughout the film in order to get money from the big tabacco companies. This helps to pay for a film’s budget and puts more money in the stars pocket!

Be a Voice Actor

You can be a Voice Actor. Your Voice can be fit for any of 14 Voice Categories

The Satellite Dish

Satellite technology has made leaps and bounds over the last decade, introducing the world to a whole new era of television entertainment. But have you ever wondered just how a satellite dish works? So did we.

Satellite TV is a Liberator

Satellite TV is a Liberator or the first time in history, India’s Republic Day was seen live all over Asia on Star TV, and the fuming politicians and intellectuals of Pakistan could do nothing about it.

Elizabeth Taylor – Mini Bio

Starring in a total of 70 movies, she is best remembered for “Suddenly Last Summer (1959)”, “The Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958)”, “Giant (1956)”, “Cleopatra (1963)”, and “The Taming of the Shrew (1967)”.

Paul Newman – Mini Bio

In “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958)” Newman proved that he has no equals in bringing to the surface the vulnerabilities of the male ego without, however, jeopardizing our identification with him as the “good guy.”

Meryl Streep – Mini Bio

What I like most about Streep’s acting is her total technical mastery over her craft that still somehow allows room for free exploration and improvisation. Rare is the actor that does not look like acting in a movie and Streep is one of them.

Dustin Hoffman – Mini Bio

During his struggling days in New York City as an unkown actor, he shared the same house with two other unknown actors – Robert Duvall and Gene Hackman. Hoffman once said “I lived below the official American poverty line until I was 31.”

Big Brother 7 – Sezer Eviction

Sezer Yurtseven was the second housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house and won two dubious honours in the process.

Brokeback Mountain Challenges Culture and Hollywood

The first tremors that Brokeback Mountain was coming out of the celloid closet began in late January 2006, as the film went into major distribution nationwide. After a slow roll-out and strong word of mouth, many people who thought they would never vote for two men kissing as MTV’s hottest kiss did witness the idea of two people in love who just happened to be of the same gender.

The Real World, Season 17 Episode 15, “Burn Book” Recap 5/30

Paula prepares for an upcoming visit from her ex-boyfriend, Keith, who has been abusive to her in the past. Svetlana gets on Tyler’s bad side by meddling in the tensions between him and John.

Big Brother 7 – Week Two

The Big Brother house is always unpredictable during its lengthy run and the most dangerous thing punters can do is try and pre-empt who will be up for eviction before the nominations are announced and then bet accordingly.

Salsa Dance Movies Inspire!

This article provides movies with a salsa theme. If you love salsa dance, these movies will inspire you.

Matrix Revolutions Eats Its Own Fans

Don’t get me wrong: I really like Matrix Revolutions for its powerful scenes and its dialogue and never-seen-before battles. It’s one of the finest pieces of film history.

Da Vinci Code: The Way of Modern Spirituality

The Da Vinci Code targets the traditional Christian Spirituality and pushes us to take a stand choosing between two sides of spirituality.

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