Don’t Kill It | Full Action Fantasy | Dolph Lundgren

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When an ancient demon is accidentally unleashed in a sparsely populated Mississippi town of Chickory Creek, their only hope of survival lies in the hands of a grizzled old demon hunter Jebediah Woodley and his reluctant partner FBI agent Evelyn Pierce.

Stars: Dolph Lundgren, Kristina Klebe, Tony Bentley

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Why Legal Movie Downloads Are The Only Way To Go

Legal movie downloads will give you a better quality movie and won’t expose your computer to harmful viruses and spy ware. Here’s how to spot a site that offers them.

It’s About Time for Christina Milian

Box-office movies plus hit singles plus theater performance equals sexy diva in the making, what can you expect more from this Afro-Cuban artist Christina Milian. Born in Jersey City on September 26, 1981, she grew up in Waldorf, Maryland along with her Cuban parents and two younger sisters. At a tender age of four, she dreamed of being a star someday. That dream paved her way into theaters as she landed as a junior journalist on Disney Channel’s Movie Surfers.

NBC’s Hit TV Show “Heroes” Gets Animated

NBC has a huge hit on their hands with the TV show “Heroes.” As the second season gets ready to kick off, DC Comics has announced a new “Heroes” hardcover comic book that will hit comic book stores.

A Feminist Examination of “Sex and the City”

HBO’s “Sex and the City” features four single, successful New York City women who struggle with men and relationships. Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda are the four main female leads – men are merely accessories on the show. SATC reflects women’s evolving roles in relationships, the workplace and society overall.

The Simpsons – A Commentary on American Culture

No one could have predicted that the crude drawings of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson on the sketch comedy program, “The Tracey Ullman Show” would become an enormously popular cult hit among viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

Movie Downloads Go Mainstream

Although movie downloads have been available in one form or another for a number of years, they were most often a service suitable primarily for early adopters. Recent evidence however indicates that movie downloads may be well on their way to becoming the preferred method of delivery for mainstream home movie viewers.

Borat – Orientalist Satire for Make Glorious Debate Western Intelligentsiya

Sacha Baron Cohen’s 2006 film Borat has generated a great amount of popular and scholarly debate. Who was he making fun of in the film? Why exactly was Borat from Kazakhstan? Why did he come to the US & A, i.e. America? Who suffers because of Borat? Is/was it ok to laugh? Did audiences understand Baron Cohen’s intended lessons? If not, what did they walk away from the film thinking? This article delves into these questions and compares Borat to other post-communist, arguably Orientalist portrayals such as Molvania.

Kajol – Sizzling Your Screens Part 1

Kajol left school and started her career at the age of seventeen. Her debut film was Bekhudi in 1992. It was not a great success at the box office, but Kajol was noticed and went onto become a successful actress with many box office hits to her credit.

Kajol – Sizzling your Screens Part 2

She also made a successful screen couple with husband Ajay Devgan in movies such as Ishq (1997) and Pyaar to Hona Hi Tha (1998).She got married to co star Ajay Devgan in the year 1999 and is now a proud mother of her daughter, Nysa.

YouTube Extend Advertising into Video Clips

YouTube have announced that they are to introduce advertising links into video clips posted on the website, in an attempt to generate additional advertising revenues.

Tyra Banks – Supermodel to Multi-Media Star

Tyra Banks is a breath of fresh air. While many of her supermodel colleagues have a haughty, diva-like, self-important persona, she is the opposite of those things. Her work with TZONE helps empower young girls, and her reality show, America’s Top Model launches careers. She has genuine talent beyond the runway.

James “Jimmy” Stewart Is My Hero

My favorite actor of all time is Jimmy Stewart. I stumbled upon him in a funny way. My husband (at the time he was my boyfriend) opened the world of Jimmy Stewart for me.

How to Appreciate the Greatness of Bad Movies So You Never Have Problems Choosing a Movie to Rent

Who hasn’t been to the rental store, online or in the flesh, and picked up just about every good movie title and said, “I have seen that one already,” or “That does not look so interesting to me”? We all have. What can you do in those situations?

Comic Books Go To the Movies

Movies based on comic books have become big business for Hollywood, but why has it taken so long for the rest of the world to discover what comic fans have known for decades – that comic books rock!

Flat Screen TV – How Big Is Big?

How do you pick the perfect sized Big Screen TV to fit your home and lifestyle? We’ll list the decisions you need to make before you buy a Flat Screen TV. This report is a must-read if you’re in the market for a Big Screen Plasma, LCD or DLP TV!

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