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What are you doing? Is this? What guys do wan na get together nor each other? I’M just saying a little conversation might be nice.


I could tell you about my first semester: community Derrick could tell us what it’s like three camouflage: [ Music ], [ Music ]. What’S up captain over in the bathroom bathroom, there’s no bathroom speaking euphemistically, the porta potti or whatever Tracy, there’s no toilet; there’s no toilet! No, what am I supposed to do he’s the woods like everyone else? I have a better idea. Oh Bernstein, you know you’d really, disappoint me.


You know when Craig said you were coming along. I was like you sure she can hack it and he said: oh yeah she’s trail ready trail ready, he’s somebody, your girlfriend he’s a serious lesson on how to drop a deuce in the woods. Pardon me: well, it’s obvious that college life hasn’t prepared you for the pleasures of performing a class. One download in the great outdoors observe step 1, dig a hole, step 2, squat and release and take your time no need to blow a gasket step 3, which is my personal favorite wipe your ass with this here army is your toilet paper sometimes called an alpha. Whiskey, you are John Wayne step 4 return to base with a smile on your face.


Step 5 tell the guy who gave you the toilet paper to mind his own business, and you are grooving. The woman’s got to learn. John Wayne. Toilet paper is rough. It’S tough and hit don’t take [ __ ] from no one [ Music, ], [, Music, ], honey I’ll, be back in the morning.


Anyone home hello, hello, anyone home, [, Music ]! No, if I were a key, where would I hide and not a key? You Tracy so shut up and stop talking yourself: [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music ]. I don’t mean to bother you. I was camping down by the lake.


You don’t really care. Do you because you’re not home and I’m talking to myself, [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], a guy came into the store the other day and he was looking for a 3/4 inch relief valve for a water heater. You know the one mm-hmm and he and my dad get to talking anymore. My dad go. Would he say this time?


Well, he’s telling the guy how you going to Afghanistan like boasting like he’s going himself. You know yeah and anyway, the the guy. The guy listens to him and then he says all quiet like like over the counter. I wish him well, my boy didn’t come back, then he paid me left. You know, that’s some [ __ ].


What I hear you gon na come out here and tell me that man I could have sworn we came out here, to have a good time. I’M sorry, I didn’t mean anything by it. It just came off the top of my. You know what I’m sorry. His son didn’t come back, but I’m coming back.


You hear me, I hear you ain’t going out to the middle of nowhere to get myself killed. I’M gon na go find Tracy yeah, whatever [ Music, ] tres Tracy chase [ Music ]. I can’t believe you broke into somebody’s home break-in and used a key come on. They won’t even know he was here. That’S not the point, you don’t know these people, they could press charges for what dropping a deuce Craig the world is not out to get you every time.


You turn around sound opportunity. Is that on it you should try it one day come on. Oh how’d, it go how’d, it go. Tracy found a key. She took a tour of the house inside boom, big couch satellite TV, indoor, plumbing [, Music ].


You know, I don’t really know how far I want to take this tonight. You haven’t exactly been close to the last few months. What do you want me to say you did the summer abroad thing I say to him. I worked in a hardware store, not a lot of symmetry there symmetry there’s a college word so you’re going to stay. I told you I’ll go to Community College for a urine and then we’ll see, promise yeah promise, [ Music ], you should give know it’ll be alright, get the damn key.


Now nice, oh yo, Craig they got a fireplace, don’t get too comfortable ready here. Superstorm passage. Man, what kind of romantic are you know he better be good bad cuz he’s lousy with his clothes on anyone hungry what you did Tracy, I’m just looking. I told you this: isn’t your house? It’S not yours!


Either! I’M gon na take a shower Tracy! Please! Just we stopped I’m taking a shower. You could tell me to shove it, but from where I’m standing, you humping a pack.


Nobody asked you to carry all right. So where does this toilet? I’Ve been hearing so much about? Ah, don’t wait up [, Music ]. What are you doing taking a shower, but with me or not, don’t look at games like a million pounds at school.


You know me serious [, Music, ] owners, [, Music, ], [, Music, ], no service me neither [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music ]. You kids want to make 20 bucks each yeah there’s a reason. They call it dead weight, 60 % of the body is liquid. I guess I could have drained off the blood lighten the load a bit. I’M sorry about that.


Now, when I was a student in medical school, we had this cadaver enormous woman called her Bertha. You guys don’t want to stay for breakfast. Do you Frank get on with it all right come on? Let’S keep on going mmm. The bottom line is people like that I got to go.


You know the old guard, the fat cat. You got ta screwed it up for the rest of us new blood huh. That’S what we need. No pun intended all right, guys, dig your deep, so Liz. How long have you lived here?


I really like what you’ve done with the place? Is it a fixer-upper? Did it come like this? Does someone need to talk? We bought the house at auction, the sheriff said it had been abandoned for several years.


A scientist used to live here worked on the atom bomb. Those bodies in the cellar did they come with the house. Are you asking if we killed them, make sure killed them? Hold the plastic of decay faster, see, you know it’s not. They were weak.


You’Re strong get in. I told you. I was gon na pay you get in the hole. What do you think I’m stupid shut up, get in get in Oh [, Applause, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ] window and look just like me poque, where the keys there’s the wife she took them with her, I’m gon na die chase. Everything will be all right: no, it won’t they’re gon na come back and they’re gon na kill us she’s right man.


I don’t know what those things are, but it’s not good. We need to move out now. Are you crazy? I’M not going out there. What do you mean?


They looked like you, you didn’t see it. There were three of them. Two guys and a girl know what there were two Frank and Liz. No, there were three of them, they came out of nowhere and they were naked nadir ones that took down the couple. That’S crazy man, I’m not making this [ __ ] up.


There were three of them and it looked exactly like us, [, Music ]. You were naked, [, Music, ], hello. Is anyone home, Tracy Derek? It’S me Craig. We took care of those guys who are after you.


They won’t bother you again. I can’t appreciate how weird this must look, so we’re just going to hang out here for a while and give you guys time to sort things out in there. Okay and Craig one piece of advice: don’t call the cops, you know how they get when they see a corpse Craig. What’S wrong. It’S like he read my mind.


That’S here in my mom died that the cops thought maybe wasn’t an accident. They were wrong. Okay and you think he knew that what else do they know? You see anything: oh yeah, [, Music, ], all right, Greg Carlson. I believe you know everybody else.


[, Music ]. They say you don’t know a man, so you’ve walked a mile in his underwear. You’Ve put on weight, I don’t need a mile to know about this. Guy has anyone ever told you you’re an ugly son of a [ __ ] where’d, you say, I’m sorry did I say ugly, I meant don’t. Gentlemen, please can we try to get along Derek apologize?


Sorry, not my color. Look, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to sound rude, but I would feel a whole lot better. If I knew exactly who you were and where you came from, where it came from, you mean you don’t know, no, how about a hint? I really don’t remember nice pants a little sure we have some things to clean up outside when we get back.


How about some breakfast? I trust you do figure out the menu if you want to stay and make breakfast for the Manson family. It’S fine with me, but I’m gon na hell out of here dark wait. You can’t leave yet. I know how you feel, but we don’t know what’s going on yet.


Oh I know what’s going on these things, these duplicates they’re gon na come back and they’re gon na kill us, maybe not today, but tomorrow and your answer go to the police. Excuse me, mister officer, there are these guys, they look exactly like us, they even have our fingerprints and they killed someone I’ll paddle slow. If you change your mind, Derek wait. Wait, look you’re right there. It goes.


I told you, I know myself, you don’t you’ll. Come back, Hey, Oh Eddie’s, Bruce Lee! We on the same team forget what I said earlier. That was just for show for those guys when you’re sad think about it. We work for them and they pay us barely they’re.


Not our friends like all I’m trying to say is that you deserve more and I want to help you get it [, __ ]. What are we doing? I don’t know, but it’s getting cold. What, if dark, was right, what if they mean to kill us? I want that happen.


[, Music, ]. To answer your question, I don’t have an answer you’re here we’re here. I have to rely on faith, there’s a reason, but aren’t you even curious? I mean it’s not like this happens every day. I should hope not otherwise things would get pretty dicey down at the DMV.


Can you read our thoughts? No and I wouldn’t want to, but you share our past our memories. It’S more like. We know you and we’re not impressed Derek, it’s not their fault. We all make mistakes like his friend dipping into the cash register at his father’s store.


That kind of mistake, it’s a lie. Derek would never do that Craig relax. We have no intention of embarrassing you and for the record, I have no intention of working in a hardware store. No, you and me. Both I’d rather kill someone first.


What do you intend to do? I don’t know kickback think about the future of the world. Isn’T that why you came on this trip? No, she came here to break up with him. She met someone at school, a real stud, Craig, don’t listen to them.


That’S not true! Oh yes, it is, I would know, she’s been begging him since Labor Day. Look, I don’t know who you are or what you want stay out of my life. It meant nothing. I was gon na.


Tell you. What do you want me to do? Wouldn’T just be yourself. Stop asking me that [, Music, ], hey hey mind. If I join you, I don’t bite hard.


I guess I made a fool out of myself with your girlfriend. She noticed the truth, isn’t jealous, I’m serious she’s smart. She has him what the college guy it was just a fling, but you said I was messing with you. I told you I was jealous, why you two are exactly alike? Well, not exactly more like cousin separated up her except she got the good genes and I got the bad a person.


I found this book. It’S a rare edition on the men who built the out of bomb the author inscribed it to a scientist named attorney, see there’s a picture doctor attorney in his lab in Brewster. Island 1945. Wait a second that’s here! This is Brewster island.


I remember Liz saying something about buying the house from an atomic scientist Liz the woman you took care of. She said that they had bought it at auction, but it had been abandoned for years. So if this was his house, then where’s the lab. Okay, we found something: [ Music ], the lab. It was definitely on the property if it was destroyed in the fire of 1957.


Did he mention where it was no you’re upset? No, not no hey. What’S up that? No there! Yes, but why would a scientist fill the lab in the middle of nowhere perfect place for an experiment, kind of experiment assembling the first atom bomb?


The government would had much the worked independent scientists, most of whom had no idea what they’re constructing beyond the one. Little part they were asked to make kind of like private contractors. But how do you know all this stuff? I paid attention in class. We’Ll wait for you back the house.


Tracy nothing happened. I don’t care, you know what I find interesting, your friends, they they don’t seem to have an ounce of curiosity, it’s pretty obvious. Whatever created them started here, my friends yeah they seem to like you. I wish I had paid for attention chemistry class. What is it?


That’S weird: there’s an electrical line going into the house: do you have a flashlight or something Lucic, there’s another lab under this one, [ Music ]. Here they come so we’re agreed. Then tonight when they go to bed, I’m good. I think we should wait for what, when they try to kill us, Tracy has a crush, better watch out, see see you got a competition. Maybe we should tell them get them to understand that they’re inferior and it’s time for them to go, find anything.


No! I’M going for a swim want to come the water’s freezing I’ll, keep you warm [, Music, ], yeah, sure, hey dude, where you headed [, Music, ] you’re, welcome to finish it if you’d like thanks, but I can’t draw really. I can’t sing either funny. I thought of you two is the same sorry to disappoint. Well, there’s no disappointment.


I’M just curious to see what else is different about you, [ Music, ] you’re right this one over here. How do you do that? You run a little hot. Go ahead. Touch me.


I wasn’t teasing before I meant what I said. Tracy would never say that I told you I’m not her. We need to be. Is that the idea what you see now, your boyfriend, not my boyfriend, you sleep with him. It’S you any good in bed.


Keep your kisser as good as you you’re, just saying that, because of her [ Music ], you need to get a better girlfriend: [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music ]. You know what I want: [ Music ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ] [, Music ]. So how was i well compared to him? How did I do get off me? I want to know, don’t you know, I don’t care now get off me.


No, not until you admit the truth, I was better than him all right, no liar! I like you Tracy. I really do, but you have no interest in getting ahead and being the best. It’S not always about being the best yeah sure, technically you’re great, maybe even superior, but what’s the point, if afterwards you make, the other person feel lousy, proper, nouns, abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes are not allowed, nor any word requiring the use of a hyphen or apostrophe. I do, however, encourage the use of words with a foreign root, along with the archaic, the obsolete, colloquial and slang.


Pretty ironic huh girls watch the boys play not exactly why I went to college Craigie. You won the flip. Go first survive. Do you love him? He seems pretty fixated on you who Greg he’s adorable, it’s not to love, but you know.


No, I don’t well he’s never going to amount to anything. [, Music, ] eudaimonia. It means well-being, as in I’m experiencing eudaimonia, because I’m winning because you’re happy for me eudaimonia. I, like it, no eudaimonia, hey you, okay, Craig, it’s what they do best to make us feel stupid. Maybe we are.


You only have to look at the game board to another, smarter, smarter, but not necessarily wiser. Okay, so you were dazzled by their brilliance. Self-Confidence. So was I did I take you over that many day. 9000.


All is there anything that goes right? We should get out of here tonight, but first I want to get a look at that lap. Like I didn’t mean what I said, I did it so she wouldn’t be jealous they’re too much. All of you know. I would never do anything to hurt you.


You have to believe me, I’m falling in love with you. The others knew they’d kill me. You have to promise, you won’t say anything I’ll, be our little secret. She got accepted downstate like semester. She lied to you.


I was thinking about the lab and how it’s connected to this whole experiment, Craig Craig, how it must have created these things, but I couldn’t figure out how I got a sample of our DNA. What are you talking about the duplicates? They must have come from us, but how and then I was thinking about Craig, the other one he was staring at the cesspool earlier. It was like he was trying to remember something and then it all became so obvious. If what you say is true, why aren’t there more of them the duplicates?


You use the bathroom every 20 minutes? No, I don’t something must have triggered the experiment. Maybe it was the storm. The lightning may be here. Try this on [ Applause, ], [, Music, ].


Tell me the glue sticks here. I thought you were spending another year at community Craig. Not now. I have to know, look we’ll talk about it later. I don’t hear anything.


Maybe they do forgot, she should know Tracy Craigie. Are you alright, [ Music, ], [, Music, ], lab reports? The scientist says he’s embarking on the experiment quote not for the sake of mankind, but to recreate it may 10, 1940 7 gene expression, less erotic and sampled 2:05 will recalibrate methylation profile. June 15th is cell, improve cell metabolism sample two to two teaches you evidence of progeria nearly eliminated received letter from National Academy, refusing additional funds they should be the first ones I replace hey, look July 20th, revised technique shows promise and latter samples the root of all Problems is insecurity, man’s quest to prove himself worthy, no matter the cost Craig September 10th 1957 maturity reached in simple two to nine. Without discernible degradation of function is it proof of life.


[ Music, ], [ Music, ] October fit launch of sputnik has captured the world’s attention. What would they say to my discovery? [, Music, ] Jesse. What is it Tracy stop last entry in his notebook about the announcement he was onto something he completed his experiment. What to create an army of drones, not drums clones, human, we creations, it’s him, dr

Trent, look it’s a number from the notebook, some tea hey.


It’S me calm down, Derek man. What are you doing here? What am I doing here? Who was that come on I’ll, explain everything later? Oh sneaky bastards.


They said they hadn’t found anything. So you think the scientist was killed by his own creation, a stone. The evidence where happens was governor. I don’t know escaped come on hello. Anyone here Greg this isn’t funny open the door Tracy, that’s the first time, you’ve called me by name: I’m flattered open the door, you piece of [ __ ], which is your real name Jerry.


You came back that was stupid, but then again I forgot you’re. The stupid one, no offense go back to the house, find anything combustible, lighter fluid, solvent racks. You know I’m going with this way ahead of you. What are you doing seizing an opportunity is then done what we out of here. We didn’t see one jerk.


What’S in your backpack, are you still down there? You know cranky, for being so smart, you sure are done boys they’re for adding such brainpower. You lack curiosity, which is a lousy trait in or out of bed. What’S that aerial flare for signaling ships at sea, what I packed for all emergencies like a flare gun, tell me she’s, smart nice, what’s wrong with her, you mean today, hey Derek. I want you to tell me the truth about something at this store.


Did you take money from the register what someone said you did, who you believe they seemed to know everything about us? I just thought you don’t worry. Hmm I work hard at that store Craig. Your father knows that you’re avoiding the question. What that I’m a thief?


Hey guys, I want to know the truth, Derek did you take the money yeah, I need a cash and I was embarrassed to ask for it. I’M sorry, you were just gon na leave without telling me just like everyone else. What’S your problem he’s completely inferior? Maybe do you use he’s not worthy of you and you are all sick. You have about 30 seconds to decide which side you’re on hey you gals still down there now for long.


You poor excuse for EM ROI recognize these they’re your driver’s licenses. What sorry, but from the beginning, we anticipated you wouldn’t give them to us. I told you this guy was gon na kill us, but can you blame us sooner or later you would have turned on us? No we’re! Not killers.


Are you sure goodbye Tracy? It was nice knowing you get ready you, okay, yeah, okay, this guy was in a secret compartment, so just check the Wahlberg Packard or something here I see something: okay, okay, Oh look! They poured it down the drain. The whole experiment. That’S how with me down?


Oh, can we talk about this later? Oh he’s been burned, see if you can find a first-aid kit, [ Music ] to the house. Is it bad bad enough? Until we get him the inferiors? Don’T worry, we got them.


What did you do to them? They tried to kill him, we didn’t have a choice. Tracy, sorry, we’re gon na get you out of here. Go get the bouquet; no do it. What am I supposed to do with this trump reduce use it on them?


No, I don’t kill people, that’s your time. What didn’t you surrender your life to them? They tried to kill us Tracy and they’ll. Do it again? Well, maybe we can negotiate what I get Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


You’Re talking about murder, I’m talking about survival. Maybe we can just run away change our identities. Well, that’s crazy, cuz! I, like my life and I’m willing to fight for it. Are you [, Music, ] out Monday you’ll?


Thank me for this. What hmm hey dad? It’S me, no everything’s, fine, we’re gon na come back a day, early yeah! Tomorrow! Listen!


Could you tell ya Derek, says hi: by do this stop them? I have an idea, pour the water into the bottle and it activates the heat pack. The bottle expands BAM there. You go an MRE, I’m me all ready to explode and hot sauce, instant pepper spray. Now this baby’s got about two minutes before it blows.


Is that gon na work yep here, it’s official, miss Bernstein now in every battle. The first casualty is the battle plan so be ready to improvise and we need a cold word. Something to tell friend from foe suggestions, Marco Polo excellent. We make a pretty good team, the Soto’s the other side. We stick to the plan arouse suspicion, you mean egg, don’t know stupid.


Okay, get caught out for being smarter Tracey, relax, our parents; okay, let’s do it! She saw me: do you have a Tracy? What what did she do? Nothing [, Music ]. Did you have it?


What what is it? [ Applause ] turn the light up real killer. Do it we don’t hurt her [ Music ]. No, don’t understand! I’M happy you’re alive.


I didn’t want them to hurt you, this, isn’t you. It is now [ Music ], I’m impressed you’ve changed your stance, your confidence you’re, almost as good as me. I don’t want to be like you, then you don’t want to live. This is crazy man. What are we doing?


Huh shut up? This? Isn’T our fight, Derek. Our fight is out there against those people who want to keep us down. Keep us under control make us feel guilty for taking what is ours.


You know if Dad were here. He said the same thing right. You deserve more than my brother. More than any uniform can give you stay back. I’M warning you, Oh Derek, it’s just me who knows you better huh, you don’t know me.


I know everything. No [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, __, ], [, Music, ], [, Music ]. What happened he tried to escape thought he was faster. You should have listened to me, Derek asked you wait, there’s a guy! I know Marco.


What Marco remember him. I don’t know you’re talking about Oh Derek. What the hell are you doing? You don’t get it do you Tracy was right to be so smart, you sure, are dumb, no, that’s impossible. We’Re stronger, faster, smarter, smarter and smarter than who all of you, the inferiors.


There’S an expression and you should learn it and the meek shall inherit the earth. No, you had your chance and you blew it. It’S our turn. Now. [, Music ] help me help me.


We have to help no Derek, please! It’S me. I was just pretending, Marco right, Marco, no Marco, Craig, I said Marco Marco Polo Ralph Lauren Tracy Lake [, Music, ] Tracy. We have to be sure Marco Tracy, I said Marco [ Music ] hold on hey, hey, you want to go to that concert tonight. It’S like 30 bucks right.


Okay, I got you, I have a better idea. Won’T you come over. My dad will be out great phone call. Hey mr

Custance, hey good! How are you hello, hello, hello, okay, it’s me JC!


Please! Don’T hang up! You have to believe me, Marco [, Music, ], Marco, Marco [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], you, you [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ],


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