Ancient Aliens: The New World Order | The Anunnaki Gods | Full Documentary | 2022

Ancient Aliens and the New World Order – Recent discoveries reveal that a highly advanced race of extraterrestrial beings came to Earth in our ancient past, but the shocking realization is that they are still here now, among us and may have a sinister agenda beyond our wildest imaginations. Throughout history, it has never been more obvious that we are being controlled and manipulated than we are today. The New World Order has been shrewdly governing humanity for centuries through control of the media and monetary systems of all nations. They are working toward the goal of making every man, women and child an “obedient robot,” just intelligent enough to handle our daily needs via the very technology and systems they control. We are systematically herded like sheep into a thought process that keeps the power elite in position to rule over us; with a master blueprint so diabolical, it allows us to think we have freedom of choice in the process. Who are these overlords that govern us and where do they derive their power? The truth is, it comes down to a select few individuals pushing for a one world government and a heightened national security state with Alien influence. Recent discoveries across our planet reveal that a highly advanced race of nonhuman beings did indeed come to Earth in our ancient past, but the most shocking realization is that they are here now, among us and may have a sinister agenda beyond our wildest imaginations and are secretly manipulating developments and changes in human society in order to more efficiently control and exploit human beings.
Stars: Jonathan Harper, Paul Hughes, Razor Keeves

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